Following is the list of missions in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown.


Charge Assault Fort Grays Island
In his first sortie, Trigger, joining Clown in the Osean Mage Squadron, engages a squadron of enemy Erusean bombers threatening the Fort Grays Island base while learning the basics of combat. The Albatross is sunk by the attack, and radio broadcasts are heard, showing Princess Rosa Cossette D'Elise's declaration of war against Osea.
Charge the Enemy Scofields Plateau
Golem Squadron, Clown, and Trigger attack an Erusean forward air base. While attacking the base, one transport aircraft explodes in a flash of harmful blue light. Erusea launches five MQ-99 UAVs to deter the Osean squadrons, but the Oseans shoot them all down.
Two-pronged Strategy Chopinburg
Golem and other Osean squadrons attack Erusean aircraft in the Chopinburg region to secure air superiority in the area. Clown and Trigger enter the area to provide support to their allies. Erusea deploys one of the Arsenal Birds and its MQ-101s to counter the Oseans, decimating Skeleton Squadron. The IUN orders the remaining aircraft to retreat.

Brownie, having taken damage, escapes the area with Gargoyle 1 while Trigger and Clown assist the remaining Golem and Gargoyle pilots being chased by UAVs. An unknown pilot enters the area and shoots down both Gargoyle 2 and Brownie.

Rescue Gunther Bay
The IUN sends Trigger to infiltrate Erusean anti-air radar around the International Space Elevator and secure a route to help former Osean President Vincent Harling escape. After infiltrating the radar, Trigger destroys the Erusean anti-air defenses around the space elevator. Sea Goblin lands at the space elevator while Clown, Trigger, Golem Squadron, and Gargoyle Squadron engage MQ-99 UAVs launched from Selatapura.

All of Sea Goblin is killed while trying to extract Harling and Colonel Johnson, a military officer accompanying him. Harling and Johnson commandeer a V-22 and take off from the space elevator under the callsign Mother Goose One while Mage, Golem, and Gargoyle defend it from a large formation of MQ-101s launched from an incoming Arsenal Bird. Gargoyle Squadron, under the IUN's orders, fires multiple missiles at the space elevator that destroy many MQ-101s programmed to sacrifice themselves for its protection. One missile breaks through and causes minimal damage to the elevator.

Mother Goose One's cockpit is hit, killing Colonel Johnson. Harling takes the controls and attempts to return to the space elevator. A missile is fired from an unknown source and strikes the V-22, destroying it and killing Harling. Trigger is blamed for firing the missile and is court-martialed.

444 Zapland
After joining Spare Squadron as a prisoner for his actions, Trigger is sent with the rest of the squadron to deceive incoming Erusean forces into believing the 444th Air Base is a regular Osean air base. Erusean bombers in the formation cause more damage to the base than anticipated; Spare Squadron is ordered to shoot down all incoming bombers. Trigger shoots down most of the bombers, earning praise from his wingmen.
Long Day Roca Roja
The 444th Air Base sends Spare Squadron to investigate the anti-aircraft capabilities of an Erusean air base in Roca Roja. Spare Squadron is cleared to engage to clean out enemy forces and assist regular Osean forces in fully neutralizing the base. Partway through the mission, a large squadron of MQ-99 UAVs engage Spare Squadron, shooting down High Roller and two other pilots and prompting most of the other pilots to retreat.
First Contact Yinshi Valley
Spare Squadron is tasked with destroying a number of Erusean radar sites. Partway through the mission, two friendly recon squadrons are attempting to escape a thunderstorm, pursued by UAVs. Spare Squadron is sent to escort them out and shoot down the UAVs. Following their escape, an Su-30SM appears and shoots down Champ after a brief dogfight and proceeds to shoot down Spare 10 and one of the recon planes, prompting Trigger to engage the Su-30. The Su-30 and its two escorts eventually retreat due to the weather.
Pipeline Destruction Artiglio Port
The 444th Air Base sends Spare to destroy a large Erusean oil facility before a sandstorm engulfs the area. Erusean trucks carrying fuel and the blue energy weapon attempt to escape in the sandstorm. AWACS Bandog orders Spare to hunt down and destroy the trucks despite incoming UAV reinforcements.
Faceless Soldier Waiapolo Mountains
Spare Squadron must take down radar sites to slow down the enemy's anti-air capabilities. The squadron gets ambushed by a group of drone F/A-18Fs pretending to be friendly, but AWACS Bandog is able to ID the foes. Full Band gets tagged as an enemy and is shot down by Count.
Transfer Orders Borgo dell'Est
Trigger and Count must provide escort for 444th Base Commander Col. D. McKinsey, taking down camouflaged SAM sites and enemy fighters. After crossing the border, the duo are engaged by a prototype drone, but Trigger eventually shoots it down. Cyclops Squadron arrives, having chased the drone, to verify its destruction.
Fleet Destruction Snider's Top
The LRSSG heads north to engage the Erusean fleet.
Stonehenge Defensive Hatties Desert
Strider and Cyclops Squadrons must buy time for the Oseans, who are trying to restore the remaining Stonehenge railgun in an attempt to take down one of the Arsenal Birds.
Bunker Buster Sierraplata
Strider Squadron is tasked with helping bombers destroy Erusean missile silos.
Cape Rainy Assault Cape Rainy
Strider and Cyclops Squadrons head through a canyon to launch a surprise attack on an Erusean base.
Battle for Farbanti Farbanti
Strider and Cyclops Squadrons provide air support for the advancing Osean military in a battle to take Farbanti, the capital city.
Last Hope Anchorhead Bay
Strider Squadron must provide cover for a defecting Erusean officer who is trying to broker peace between the warring nations.
Homeward Tyler Island
The LRSSG heads to Tyler Island and provides cover for the retreating Oseans. They then rescue a group of refugees from advancing forces.
Lost Kingdom Shilage Castle
Strider and Cyclops Squadrons head to the former Grand Duchy of Shilage to take over their base for ammo and fuel. This leads to a dogfight with the Sol Squadron.
Lighthouse Gunther
A coalition of Osean and Erusean fighters link up in an attempt to take down the last Arsenal Bird. When the attack fails, the fighters have to find alternative methods to take the superweapon down.
Dark Blue Gunther
The aces must take down two autonomous drones before they are able to transmit their data to the other drone production facilities. Trigger and Count chase a drone into the tunnel to the Space Elevator and take it down.

Virtual Reality

VR Mission 01 Fort Grays Island
Mobius 1 and other IUN aircraft must secure air superiority over Fort Grays by shooting down all Free Erusean aircraft in the airspace. The battle starts underneath the cloud layer near the island, but then shifts to a high-altitude dogfight.
VR Mission 02 Scofields Plateau
Free Erusean aircraft are chasing allied bombers who are attempting to land at the base Mobius 1 is stationed at. Mobius 1 and other IUN aircraft take off immediately to shoot down the Free Erusea aircraft and protect the base and AWACS SkyEye, who is stuck on the runway.
VR Mission 03 Waiapolo Mountains
Free Erusean aircraft ambush Mobius 1 and other IUN aircraft. The Ghost Squadron later enters the airspace and engages them.

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Liberated Artiglio Port


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