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AC7 Music Player

The in-game Music Player

The Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Original Soundtrack is the collection of music composed for Ace Combat 7.

The soundtrack has not been officially released as a standalone product, so it is only officially available within the game itself. Players who purchase the Season Pass will unlock the bonus Music Player to play the soundtrack whenever they wish, but players without the Season Pass cannot access the Music Player and cannot play the game's music outside of each mission.

Track List

The following track list is taken from the in-game Music Player. The (incomplete) composer credits were provided on a March 14, 2019 livestream on Bandai Namco's Japanese YouTube channel.[1]

  1. Skies Unknown
  2. Main Menu
  3. IUN Briefing
  4. Fort Grays Air Base Hangar
  5. Charge Assault
  6. Eastern Wind
  7. Unmanned Craft
  8. Dual Wielder
  9. Two-Pronged Strategy
  10. Tail Man[a]
  11. Gunther peninsula
  12. Rescue
  13. Mother Goose One
  14. IUN Debriefing
  15. 444th Air Base Briefing
  16. 444th Air Base Hangar
  17. 444[b]
  18. Long Day[c]
  19. Yinshi Valley
  20. First Contact
  21. Two Pairs
  22. Pipeline Destruction[c]
  23. Three of a Kind[c]
  24. Waiapolo Mountains[b]
  25. Identification
  26. Faceless Soldier[d]
  27. Transfer Orders
  28. ADFX-10
  29. 444th Debriefing
  30. LRSSG Briefing I
  31. New Arrows Air Base Hangar
  32. Siren's Song
  33. Stonehenge Defensive[e]
  34. Dragon Breath[e]
  35. Magic Spear I[f]
  36. Magic Spear II[f]
  37. Werewolf[a]
  38. LRSSG Debriefing I
  39. Battle for Farbanti[d]
  40. Sol Squadron[d]
  41. Last Hope I[f]
  42. Last Hope II[f]
  43. LRSSG Briefing II
  44. Homeward[b]
  45. Supply Ship[a]
  46. Lost Kingdom[e]
  47. Archange[d]
  48. LRSSG Briefing III
  49. Lighthouse[d]
  50. Daredevil[d]
  51. LRSSG Debriefing II
  52. LRSSG Briefing IV
  53. Hush[d]
  54. Space Elevator[d]
  55. Dark Blue[d]
  56. pensées
  57. Multiplayer Mode - Lobby
  58. Multiplayer Mode - Final Checks
  59. Roca Roja
  60. Mission Failed
  61. Multiplayer Mode - Victory
  62. Multiplayer Mode - Defeat
  63. Multiplayer Mode - MVP

VR Mode

There are various additional tracks in VR Mode, including three new tracks for each of the missions. These tracks are remixes of tracks from the Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies Original Soundtrack:

In addition, VR Mission 03 also plays Arcade Do or Die[a] from the Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War Original Soundtrack.

Multiplayer Stages

Each multiplayer stage has a specific selection of tracks that can play at random.[2] Most of these tracks come from older soundtracks in the franchise, except for Roca Roja, which is an original track featured in § Track List.


  1. This marks the first use of "8492" since the track was unused in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War.


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