# Title / Operation Date Location
Checkpoints. Jungle.
HQ has established a new base of operation on the enemy's flank. Use the enemy nav points to navigate your way through a corner of General Resources Ltd. Territory, destroying them along your way to the base. Be prepared to engage several waves of enemy fighters.
Containers. Desert.
HQ has learned that a large enemy air transport is dropping 15 supply containers in the nearby desert in an effort to support their troops. Destroy all of the containers and watch out for the patrolling enemy desert vehicles and planes.
Defend The Island. Sea.
Enemy ships are attacking a small but important nearby friendly island. Your task is to defend the island and launch a counterattack on the main enemy ship Ramasis.
Oil Rigs. Sea.
Your task is to destroy all 18 ASF oil rigs. You only have 4 minutes to carry out the task because a great storm is coming.
Patrol. Jungle.
Your flight path to the base takes you through a corner of General Resources Ltd. territory for about five minutes, so be prepared to engage several waves of ASF fighters.
Bridge Convoy. Plains.
HQ would like to install a new radar section at a strategically important location. It is up to you to prepare the area by destroying the entire enemy presence at the proposed ground site.
Airport Attack. Desert.
Your task is to eliminate one of the important ASF airports. The first thing to do is to destroy the control tower, preventing the enemy from sounding the alarm. Then destroy the rocket installations and the runway.
The Bombers. Plains.
HQ has assigned you to patrol the airspace. Your objective is to destroy as many approaching planes as possible. You must watch out for both fighters and bombers.
Yamato. Sea.
An enemy fleet is attacking the Yamato, a carrier belonging to the allies. Your objective is to defend the ship. You have two minutes to destroy the attacking planes and ships before they sink the Yamato.
Spy Game. Jungle.
One of our intelligence agents took hold of an enemy plane. Your task is to navigate through a defended enemy base, exploring it for the sake of our HQ.
The Oil Refinery. Icy Sea.
Your task is to eliminate the most important oil refineries of the ASF, disabling the supply of oil to the enemy. You must concentrate on the radar first. By destroying the radar you can prevent a hard sudden attack from the base.
Finale. Icy Sea.
The ASF with the most of its supply lines and bases destroyed, has only one weak chance: to retreat to a secret northern ice base. The ice base concentrate its forces, and aim the nuclear weapons at UAD's key bases. You must destroy these missile before they are fired from these silos.