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Ace Combat Assault Horizon: Trigger Finger is a mobile application released for the iOS platform in September 2010. Based on Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, the app allows players to engage each other in realistic air combat with their Apple devices. The game also comes with early trailers of Assault Horizon. As of September 2, 2014, the app has a 3-star rating on its current version (and a 2.5-star rating overall) out of 5 possible stars.


Two players, each with their own iPhone or other iOS device running the app, engage each other in 3D piloting licensed aircraft. Movement is done by moving the iPhone, and missiles and guns are fired by touching the screen. Incoming attacks can be dodged by moving the phone just before impact.

By default, the game area is a void, blue sky. By enabling the "Camera mode" feature, the device scans the environment and uses it as the background, allowing users to fight in areas such as a room, the street and even their workplace. However, caution must be taken when flying in crowded urban areas, as players might crash into the "scenery".


The first version of the game included the EF-2000 Typhoon and Su-33 Flanker-D for players to fly. Version 1.0.1, released on January 17, 2011, added the F-22A Raptor and Rafale M as well as the camera feature and some bug fixes. Version 1.0.2, released on April 10, 2011, added the F-14D Super Tomcat and links to more Assault Horizon trailers.



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