Following is the list of all Campaign missions in Ace Combat Infinity.


# Title Date Location
Lost Butterfly Tokyo, Japan
Unidentified UAVs are flying within Tokyo airspace. Rather than take a chance, the United Nations has asked Bone Arrow Squadron to assist the JASDF in shooting down the UAVs before they approach the city's center.
Great Migration Comona Base
Unidentified transports and escort fighters are approaching the Comona Base. Rather than spark an international incident using the United States Air Force, Bone Arrow Squadron is called on to identify the bandits and, if hostile, destroy them.
Rescue Iyuli, Russia
Bone Arrow Squadron must assist the United Nations Forces in rescuing the Greymen, who have become hostages of a terrorist force in Iyuli. Ridgeback Squadron joins them halfway through the operation.
Stonehenge Area T8F, Turkey
Bone Arrow Squadron, working alongside the United Nations Forces and Ridgeback Squadron, must destroy the Stonehenge Type-3 railgun network.
Far Eastern Front Tokyo, Japan
Bone Arrow Squadron must defend Tokyo from a large assault by the newly formed USEA Federation. Partly through, an Aigaion-class heavy command cruiser attacks the city, supported by a QFA-44 that is being controlled via the as of yet undiscovered COFFIN system and defended by MQ-90 Quoxs equipped with lasers.
Avalon Avalon Dam, Russia
Task Force 118 must fly towards the Avalon Dam in Russian territory, and halt an ICBM launch by destroying the missiles within the dam. One ICBM successfully launches and must be destroyed.
Area B7R Area B7R, Nevada
Task Force 118 must take off from their base in San Diego to intercept enemy units in Area B7R, Nevada that took off from South America. After dealing with the enemy units, they get a surprise visit from Camilla and the MQ-90 Quox's again, and have to shoot them down.
Operation Bunker Shot Adriatic Sea
Task Force 118 and the United Nations Forces launch an offensive campaign against the USEA Federation in the Adriatic Sea. The OLDS uses meteors to kill most of the units, but the remaining units, including Bone Arrow and Ridgeback, continue the assault and cause USEA to retreat from the beaches.
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