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The following nicknames are awarded by leveling up the respective aircraft to the respective level.

Aircraft Lv. Nickname
A-6E Intruder 3 Duckling [note 1]
10 Legendary Classic [note 2]
15 World Ender [note 3]
20 Cool Hand [note 4]
A-6E -Nugget- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Special Force Pilot NUGGET
A-10A Thunderbolt II 3 A-10 Maniac
10 One Billion Volts [note 5]
15 The Stuka Bloodline [note 6]
20 Hand of Vengeance [note 7]
A-10A -Distant Thunder- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Electric Thunder
A-10A -Greg Gates- 3 Star Aircraft 20 Bald and Bearded [note 8]
A-10A -Happy Holidays- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Gift from Heaven [note 9]
A-10A -Oruma- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Thoughtful and Ambitious [note 10]
A6M5 Zero 3 Shoden [note 11]
10 Imperial Navy [note 12]
15 Instant Killer [note 13]
20 Holy Sword [note 14]
A6M5 -Flying Aces- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Way of the Samurai
ADA-01B ADLER 3 Electric Saw [note 15]
10 Two Eagles [note 16]
15 Anzu [note 17]
20 Romantic Fool [note 18]
ADA-01B -Vanquish- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Old and Strong [note 19]
ADF-01 FALKEN 3 Eye of Argus [note 20]
10 Lightning Bird [note 21]
15 Beam of Light [note 22]
20 Deus Ex Machina [note 23]
ADF-01 -Osea- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Scarlet Avant Garde Aircraft
ADF-01 -Z.O.E.- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Not Human [note 24]
ADFX-01 Morgan 3 Wicked Pixy [note 25]
10 Warbird [note 26]
15 Fairy Queen [note 27]
20 Second Sun [note 28]
ADFX-01 -Block1- 1 Star Aircraft 3 Blazing Light [note 29]
10 Test Pilot [note 30]
15 Fearless [note 31]
20 Adventure lover [note 32]
ADFX-01 -Pixy- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Zeal to Fight [note 33]
ASF-X Shinden II 3 Sea Lightning [note 34]
10 Ridgebacks [note 35]
15 Icarus [note 36]
20 Super Felix [note 37]
ASF-X -Experimental- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Prototype Extreme Model Aircraft [note 38]
ASF-X -Happy New Year- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Good Fortune [note 39]
ASF-X -Nagase- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Next Gen Support Fighter [note 40]
ASF-X -Ridgebacks- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Butterfly Hater [note 41]
ATD-0 3 Spirit of Tranquility [note 42]
10 Battle Scarred
15 Variable Wings [note 43]
20 Miracle Worker
ATD-0 -Experimental- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Made in Japan
ATD-0 -Happy New Year- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Happy New NUGGET
AV-8B Harrier II plus 3 Harrier Pilot
10 Pegasus [note 44]
15 The Select Few [note 45]
20 Microburst [note 46]
AV-8B -Aquarius- 2 Star Aircraft 20 No Crying Over Spilt Milk [note 47]
AV-8B -HIBIKI- 3 Star Aircraft 20 Pon De Beach [note 48]
AV-8B -Kim Aba- 3 Star Aircraft 20 Practice Makes Perfect
B-1B Lancer 3 Battlefield Flower [note 49]
10 American Star [note 50]
15 Freelancer [note 51]
20 Don Quixote [note 52]
B-1B -Razor- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Cooking Time [note 53]
B-2A Spirit 3 A Wish Fulfilled [note 54]
10 Soul of a Sky Pirate [note 55]
15 Obsidian Angel [note 56]
20 Secluded Beauty [note 57]
Bf 109 G-10 3 Swordsmith Trainee [note 58]
10 Luftwaffe [note 59]
15 Specialist [note 60]
20 Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds [note 61]
Bf 109 G-10 -Flying Aces- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Geniu of Geniuses [note 62]
CFA-44 Nosferatu 3 Missile Circus
10 Rail Gun
15 Daywalker
20 Hades
CFA-44 -Strigon Leader- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Entrust
EA-18G Growler 3 Guardian Deity
10 Electronics Magician
15 Electronic Killer
20 Cyber Rhino
EA-18G -Beast- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Wild Instinct
EA-6B Prowler 3 Good Driver
10 Electrical Ghost
15 Wandering Sky Pirate
20 Prometheus
F-2A 3 F-2 Aficionado
10 Viper Zero
15 Charmer
20 Sea of Monsters
F-2A -60th Anniversary- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Crimson Line
F-2A -AMI- 3 Star Aircraft 20 Triple Angel
F-2A -Experimental- 4 Star Aircraft 20 High Speed Charge
F-2A -Nagase- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Pride of Number 2
F-2A -Shogun- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Supreme One
F-4E Phantom II 3 Phantom Rider
10 Phantom Master
15 Vietnam Vet
20 No Plans To Retire
F-4E -20th Anniversary- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Token of Appreciation
F-4E -Mobius1- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Song of Liberty
F-4G Phantom II Wild Weasel 3 Wild Weasel
10 SEAD Master
20 Pride of the Vanguard
F-5E Tiger II 3 Beast Tamer
10 Aggressor
15 Winged Tiger
20 A Little Freedom
F-5E -Heartbreak One- 4 Star Aircraft 20 The Shy One
F-5E -Pisces- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Twisting Milky Way
F-5E -Shin Kazama- 3 Star Aircraft 20 Devil's Welcoming
F-14A Tomcat 3 Cat's Eyes
10 Variable Wing Devotee
15 Wildcat's Master
20 Immortal
F-14A -Archer- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Thank the Maintenance Soldiers
F-14A -Blaze- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Peace Keeper
F-14A -Chopper- 4 Star Aircraft 20 The Model Pilot
F-14A -Edge- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Princess of the Frozen Land
F-14A -Mickey Simon- 3 Star Aircraft 20 Fireball
F-14A -R1 Blaze- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Hero, Devil and Ghost
F-14A -R2 Edge- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Dark Devil
F-14A -R3 Swordsman- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Wandering Pilot
F-14A -R4 Archer- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Late Bloomer
F-14A -Zipang- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Fluttering Cherry Blossoms
F-14B Tomcat 3 Clean Shaven
10 Bomb Juggler
15 Sea Cat Squadron
20 Bone & Feathers
F-14B -Persian Cat- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Cat with 9 Lives
F-14D Super Tomcat 3 Cat's Claw
10 Variable Wing Addict
15 Quick Strike [note 63]
20 Petronius
F-14D -AZUSA- 3 Star Aircraft 20 Koi Kokoro
F-14D -Jolly Rogers- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Ocean Wanderer
F-14D -Lancer- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Pride
F-15 S/MTD 3 Eight Wings
10 S/MTD Driver
15 Right Stuff
20 Fleeting Bird
F-15 S/MTD -Leo- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Rightful Crown Bearer
F-15 S/MTD -Stripes- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Star Rainbow
F-15C Eagle 3 Eagle Driver
10 Eagle Master
15 40 Seconds [note 64]
20 Divine Will
F-15C -Cipher- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Comrade
F-15C -Patriot- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Guardman of the Skies
F-15C -Pixy- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Buddy
F-15C -Scorpio- 2 Star Aircraft 20 One Hit Killer
F-15E Strike Eagle 3 Striker
10 Night Vision
15 High Mobility Aerial Fortress
20 All-Round Heavy Hitter
F-15E -CHIHAYA- 3 Star Aircraft 20 Saihyo
F-15E -Gemini- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Brave One of the Other World
F-15E -Guts- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Brave & Tough
F-15E -Shamrock- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Angel Witness
F-15E -Talisman- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Guardian of Loyalty
F-15J 3 J Driver
10 Samurai
15 War God
20 Guardian of the Far East
F-15J -60th Anniversary- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Blooming Cherry Blossom
F-15J -Hakuryu- 4 Star Aircraft 20 White Dragon
F-15J -Tiger- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Tiger of the Yamato
F-15SE Silent Eagle 3 Show-Off
10 Stalking Eagle
15 Teufelsdröckh
20 White Noise
F-15SE -Night Stalker- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Eagle Assassin
F-16C Fighting Falcon 3 Falcon
10 Swing Fighter
15 Aircraft Mafia [note 65]
20 Millennium [note 66]
F-16C -Gold Falcon- 1 Star Aircraft 20 Icon of Prosperity
F-16C -Libra- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Sword and Balance
F-16C -MAMI- 3 Star Aircraft 20 Houkago Jump
F-16C -Patriot- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Free Dreamer
F-16C -PJ- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Idealist
F-16C -Windhover- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Warmaker
F-16F Fighting Falcon 3 Desert Bird
10 Swing Master
15 Petrodollar
20 Descendant of Vipers
F-16F -Desert Rock- 2 Star Aircraft 20 The Bouldermobile
F-16XL 3 Ground Falcon
10 Delta Wing Lover
15 Falconer
20 Third Life
F-16XL -Experimental- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Prototype Aircraft
F-20A Tigershark 3 Phantom Interceptor
10 Magnificent
15 Bird-Eating Shark
20 Godspeed
F-20A -Shin Kazama- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Scorching Unicorn
F-22A Raptor 3 Airway Ruler
10 Golden Canopy
15 Apex Predator
20 Raptor's Claws
F-22A -Antares- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Fight Together As One
F-22A -Bishop- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Fighting Assault
F-22A -Flash- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Fighting Mirror
F-22A -Gryphus- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Gold Star of Victory
F-22A -HARUKA- 3 Star Aircraft 20 Suteki Happiness
F-22A -Mobius1- 4 Star Aircraft 20 The Sky is for Everyone
F-22A -Mobius2- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Witness of History
F-22A -Mobius3- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Reliable Brother
F-22A -Mobius4- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Homecoming King
F-22A -Reaper- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Master of the Infinite Sky
F-22A -Scarface1- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Successor
F-35A Lightning II 3 New Generation
10 Lightning Strikes
15 Unseen Devil
20 Brilliant Thunderbolt
F-35A -Prototype- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Close Cooperation
F-35B Lightning II 3 Joint Strike
10 Lightning Flash
15 Next Generation Devil
20 Roaring Thunder
F-35B -Taurus- 2 Star Aircraft 20 White Ram
F-117A Nighthawk 3 Midnight Bird
10 Diamond Cut
15 Gopher Wood
20 Long Distance Driver
F-117A -Stars and Stripes- 4 Star Aircraft 20 The Dark Being
F-117A -YUKIHO- 3 Star Aircraft 20 Anohi No Namida
F/A-18F Super Hornet 3 Shining Needle
10 Watch the Angles [note 67]
15 Surfing Cavalry
20 Single Horned Rhino of the Deep
F/A-18F -Aquarius- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Spiral Nebula
F/A-18F -Avalanche- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Aviation Corps of the 2nd Carrier
F/A-18F -Beast- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Eater
F/A-18F -Black Hornet- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Chronos
F/A-18F -Jolly Rogers- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Conqueror of the Ocean
F/A-18F -Red Devils- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Red Flames
F/A-18F -RITSUKO- 3 Star Aircraft 20 Watashi Datte Onna No Ko
F/A-18F -Sagittarius- 2 Star Aircraft 20 General's Horse Shooter
FB-22 Strike Raptor 3 Deep Strike
10 Invisible Strike
15 Outsider
20 Triangle of Death
FB-22 -Aries- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Golden Ram
GAF-1 Varcolac 3 Third-rate Actor
10 Sky Dancer
15 Werewolf Squadron
20 Trickster
GAF-1 -Sulejmani- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Gold Fanatic
Gripen C 3 Lion's Wings
10 Gripen Master
15 North European Beast
20 Triple Crown
Gripen C -Griffon- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Winged Lion King
Gripen C -TAKANE- 3 Star Aircraft 20 Futatsu No Tsuki
J35J Draken 3 Lilldraken [note 68]
10 Highway Star
15 Guardian Dragon of the North
20 World Snake
J35J -Cipher- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Soldier Ace
MiG-1.44 Flatpack 3 Excess Baggage
10 Sprite
15 Endangered Species
20 Unknown
MiG-1.44 -Hamilton- 4 Star Aircraft 20 War Ender
MiG-1.44 -Sulejmani- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Betrayer
MiG-21bis 3 Balalaika [note 69]
10 Mass Production Master
15 Missile Lover's Worst Enemy
20 Living Fossil
MiG-21bis -Huckebein- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Raven
MiG-21bis -Sagittarius- 2 Star Aircraft 20 The Difficult Strong Bow
MiG-21bis -Viper- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Chief Grim Reaper
MiG-29A Fulcrum 3 Swallow
10 Fulcrum Master
15 The Red Swallow
20 Great Bird
MiG-29A -Dragon- 4 Star Aircraft 20 RD
MiG-29A -Libra- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Justice Balancer
MiG-31B Foxhound 3 Hunting Dog
10 Dragster [note 70]
15 Embodiment of Speed [note 71]
20 Black Dog [note 72]
MiG-31B -Gaviria- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Arrogance
MiG-35D Super Fulcrum 3 Fourth Generation ++
10 Air Diver
15 South Sea Phantom
20 No Blind Spots
Mirage 2000-5 3 Delta Wing Crazy
10 Unseen Tower
15 Heat Haze In The Sky
20 Phantasmal Embrace
Mirage 2000-5 -Experimental- 4 Star Aircraft 20 All for Nothing
Mirage 2000-5 -Magicien- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Meteor
Mirage 2000-5 -Scorpio- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Barrier Breaker
Mirage 2000-5 -White Tiger- 1 Star Aircraft 20 Hungry Tiger
Mirage 2000-5 -YAYOI- 3 Star Aircraft 20 Pla Sonic Love!
P-38L Lightning 3 Tailcoat
15 Prince of Good & Evil
20 Duke
P-38L -Flying Aces- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Devoted Husband
R-101 Delphinus #1 3 SARF
10 NEU Consulting Pilot
15 Chief Consulting Pilot [note 73]
20 Sky Gangster
R-101 -Neucom- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Flag Holder of the New Generation
Rafale M 3 The Wind of Battle
10 Freedom & Love
15 Omniscient
20 Secret Service
Rafale M -Cocoon- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Queen
Rafale M -Golden Gale- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Fair Wind of Good Luck
Rafale M -IORI- 3 Star Aircraft 20 Zenryoku Idol
Rafale M -Mobius7- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Nice Assistor
Rafale M -Mobius8- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Stormy Life Walker
Rafale M -Pisces- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Emergency Evasive Flight
Rafale M -Vent d'Ange- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Marine Blue Angel
SKY KID -Blue Max #1- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Beauty & the Bomb
SKY KID -Blue Max #2- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Hawk of Bird Land
SKY KID -Red Baron #1- 4 Star Aircraft 20 BOMB THIS TARGET!
SKY KID -Red Baron #2- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Rapid Shooter
Su-24M Fencer-D 3 Sword Wielder
10 Variable Wing Freak
15 Errant Knight
20 Blade Lightning Bullet Rain
Su-24MP Fencer 3 Jammer
10 Variable Wing Maniac
15 Perun
20 Solar Storm
Su-24MP -Capricorn- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Panic in the Sky
Su-25TM Frogfoot 3 Sturmovik [note 74]
10 Grach [note 75]
15 King Raven
20 Thoughts and Memories
Su-25TM -Raven- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Black Bird
Su-27 Flanker-B 3 Windmill
10 Stunt Pilot
15 Godfather
20 Eight Hermits of Mt. Konron
Su-33 Flanker-D 3 Ski Jumper [note 76]
10 Flanker Addict
15 White Night in the Arctic Circle
20 Hero's Right Arm
Su-33 -Crimson Wing- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Crimson
Su-33 -MIKI- 3 Star Aircraft 20 Nostalgia
Su-33 -Pirates- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Pirate Admiral
Su-33 -Strigon- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Dhampir
Su-34 Fullback 3 Fullback
10 Borscht Lover
15 Supersonic Platypus
20 Super First Class
Su-34 -Alisa & Xiaoyu- 3 Star Aircraft 20 Battle Bonds
Su-34 -Black Duck- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Flying Roller Coaster
Su-34 -Capricorn- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Gate of Gods
Su-35 Flanker-E 3 Type E
10 Flanker Maniac
15 Foo Fighter
20 Title Roll
Su-35 -Jin- 3 Star Aircraft 20 Lightning of Fate
Su-35 -Kazuya- 3 Star Aircraft 20 Cold Blooded Prince
Su-35 -Scarface1- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Man Worth A Thousand
Su-37 Terminator 3 Terminator
10 Kulbit Master
15 Russian Order
20 The End
Su-37 -Gene- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Last Captain
Su-37 -Jean Louis- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Following the Shadow of a Hero
Su-37 -Kiriakov- 4 Star Aircraft 20 The Bragging On
Su-37 -Rena Hirose- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Direct Nerve Connection
Su-37 -Yellow4- 4 Star Aircraft 20 The Number 2
Su-37 -Yellow13- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Sky of Farbanti
Su-47 Berkut 3 Golden Eagle [note 77]
10 Berkut Master
15 King of the Skies
20 Zvezda
Su-47 -Albireo- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Fairy Piece
Su-47 -Grabacr- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Root of the World Tree
Su-47 -Virgo- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Law Maker
Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXe 3 Rebounder
10 RAF
15 Snake's Eye
20 Spirit of John Bull
Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXe -Flying Aces- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Grey Cap
T-50 PAK-FA 3 Compound Eyes
10 Aquila
15 Hero of the Russian Federation [note 78]
20 Ruler of Frozen Grounds
T-50 -Akula- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Former Hero
T-50 -Albireo- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Birds Eye
Tornado 3 Vulture
10 Takeoff Denied
15 Sandstorm
20 Supercell
Typhoon 3 Eye of the Storm
10 Storm Caller
15 Ten Rules of Aerial Conflict
20 Category 5
Typhoon -Fiona Chris Fitzgerald- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Conqueror
Typhoon -MAKOTO- 3 Star Aircraft 20 Zekken, Aruiwa Nigerarenu Koi
Typhoon -Mobius5- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Air to Land Specialist
Typhoon -Mobius6- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Best Contributor
Typhoon -Omega- 4 Star Aircraft 20 King of Being Shot
X-02 Wyvern 3 Jack Knife [note 79]
10 Dragoon
15 Dragon King
20 Dragon Slayer
X-02 -Knight- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Steel Glory
X-02 -Tiger- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Force Rider
X-29A 3 Chimera Machine [note 80]
10 Forward Swept Wing Master
15 Great Authority
20 Aviation Pioneer
X-29A -Cancer- 2 Star Aircraft 20 Citizen of Amone
X-29A -Experimental- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Sharp Pilot
X-49 Night Raven 3 Nevermore
10 Winged Terror of the Dark Night
15 Dome of Stars
20 Jet-black
X-49 -Rena Hirose- 4 Star Aircraft 3 Determined
15 Infinite Wings
20 Monster
XFA-27 3 Fire Youngman
10 Last Hope
15 The One
20 Grandmaster
XFA-27 -Happy Holidays- 1 Star Aircraft 20 Record of War
XFA-27 -Scarface1- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Silver Hero
XFA-33 Fenrir 3 Wolf Pack
10 World Eater
15 Twilight of the Gods
20 Lone Wolf
XFA-33 -Alect- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Mr. Elite
YF-23 Black Widow II 3 Spider [note 81]
10 Grey Ghost [note 82]
15 Good Loser [note 83]
20 Rough Diamond [note 84]
YF-23 -Z.O.E.- 4 Star Aircraft 20 Zone of Endless


  1. "Duckling": Referring to the A-6E's body design.
  2. "Legendary Classic": The A-6E's first flight was in 1960.
  3. "World Ender": The A-6 has been used in many real-world conflicts, including the Vietnam War and the Gulf War.
  4. "Cool Hand": A reference to Flight of the Intruder, a 1991 film where the main character, an A-6 pilot, was named Jake "Cool Hand" Grafton.
  5. "One Billion Volts": A reference to the A-10's name, "Thunderbolt". The top of a cloud producing positive lightning can exceed one billion volts.
  6. "The Stuka Bloodline": "Stuka" is an alternate name of the Junkers Ju 87. Hans-Ulrich Rudel was a notable pilot of the Ju 87, and he provided input that was used in the A-10's development.
  7. "Hand of Vengeance": A reference to the A-10's gun, the GAU-8 Avenger.
  8. "Bald and Bearded": A description of Greg Gates's visual appearance.
  9. "Gift from Heaven": Bombs count as gifts from Santa, right?
  10. "Thoughtful and Ambitious": A reference to Daniel Oruma's characteristics.
  11. "Shoden": Japanese for "first teachings", representing the first upgrades of the A6M5.
  12. "Imperial Navy": The A6M was the most famous aircraft of the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service in World War II.
  13. "Instant Killer": The Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service could use the A6M's powerful cannons to instantly kill most USAAF aircraft.
  14. "Holy Sword": A mistranslation of the Japanese 剣聖 (kensei), which literally translates to "sword saint" but is more accurately translated as "master swordsman", a reference to the Japanese samurai.
  15. "Electric Saw": The ends of the main wings look like saw blades.
  16. "Two Eagles": The ADLER was created as a ground-attack variant of the FALKEN, where both would support each other on missions. "Adler" is German for "eagle" and "falken" is German for "falcon". Hence, two eagle-like aircraft flying together.
  17. "Anzu": The Anzû is a Mesopotamian beast with an eagle's body and a lion's head.
  18. "Romantic Fool": Believed to refer to players who have waited since 2004 to fly the ADLER, and now that it is available, have leveled it up to Lv.20.
  19. "Old and Strong": The ADLER is based on one of the oldest airframes in the Ace Combat series (the FALKEN debuted in Ace Combat 2 in 1998), and the Vanquish is the strongest Attacker aircraft in Infinity.
  20. "Eye of Argus": A reference to Argus Panoptes, a giant in Greek mythology said to have a hundred eyes. The ADF-01's COFFIN cockpit is surrounded by numerous cameras that can be called the aircraft's "eyes". In addition, the player's AWACS in Air Combat 22 had the callsign "Argus Eyes".
  21. "Lightning Bird": A mistranslation of "雷鳥", which refers to the rock ptarmigan. The individual characters literally translate to "thunder/lightning" and "bird", which refers to the Thunderbird, potentially described as an eagle or falcon.
  22. "Beam of Light": A direct reference to the Tactical Laser System. It has also been theorized that the Japanese kanji, "一条の光明", means "a light in the dark", referring to the ADF-01 being the first major development ("a light") for Belka, who was in "the dark" following the Belkan War.
  23. "Deus Ex Machina": The original meaning of this phrase was "god from the machine". The ADF-01's first use in combat was under the control of the Zone of Endless AI.
  24. "Not Human": A mistranslation of 人間以上, which more accurately translates to "superhuman" or "godlike". This is in reference to the Zone of Endless AI controlling this version of the aircraft; it doesn't have the concern of G-forces affecting it like humans do, making it more combat-capable than humans.
  25. "Wicked Pixy": A mistranslation of 背徳の妖精, which is more accurately translated as "Immoral Pixy" or "Corrupt Pixy", referring to Larry Foulke killing Patrick James Beckett and attempting to launch a V2 at the end of Ace Combat Zero.
  26. "Warbird": A warbird is a vintage military aircraft. In the Strangereal timeline of fictional aircraft, the ADFX-01 is a relatively vintage aircraft, having been designed in the 1980s.
  27. "Fairy Queen": The ADFX-01's name, "Morgan", comes from the Arthurian enchantress, Morgan le Fay. "le Fay" is French for "the fairy", and Morgan herself has held the title of Queen in various Arthurian works.
  28. "Second Sun": Possibly a reference to the explosion effect of the MPBM.
  29. "Blazing Light": A direct reference to the Tactical Laser System.
  30. "Test Pilot": A reference to this aircraft being a prototype model.
  31. "Fearless": You'd have to be fearless to take a low-performance Special Aircraft to Lv.15, taking it up against players using much better aircraft.
  32. "Adventure lover": Like "Fearless", you'd have to love adventures to take a low-performance aircraft to Lv.20.
  33. "Zeal to Fight": A mistranslation of one of Larry Foulke's repeated lines in Ace Combat Zero: "Have you found a reason to fight yet, Buddy?"
  34. "Sea Lightning": A reference to the naval variant of the aircraft.
  35. "Ridgebacks": The name of Ridgeback Squadron, who pilot ASF-X Shinden IIs.
  36. "Icarus": A reference to Ace Combat: Ikaros in the Sky, where the ASF-X plays a major role.
  37. "Super Felix": Some sources claim that the Kyūshū J7W1 Shinden would have had the Allied codename "Felix" if it had entered service. The ASF-X's name, "Shinden II", is a reference to the J7W1.
  38. "Prototype Extreme Model Aircraft": This refers to the ASF-X -Experimental- pushing each of its internal parts to their limits.
  39. "Good Fortune": This could be in reference to good fortune for a happy new year, as in the aircraft's name. However, the original Japanese kanji, 金運祈願, refers to a "prayer for good fortune" in the economic sense. This is likely a reference to the yellow/gold color of the aircraft, and the gold box drops.
  40. "Next Gen Support Fighter": The ASF-X is a next-generation aircraft designed as the JASDF's main support fighter.
  41. "Butterfly Hater": Nagase will never forgive her... never.
  42. "Spirit of Tranquility": A literal mistranslation of 和の心, which more accurately translates to "Heart of Japan". The ATD-0 is based off of Japan's indigenous aircraft, the X-2.
  43. "Variable Wings": A mistranslation of 可能性の翼, which more accurately translates to "Wings of Possibility", a reference to the Operation: Future Prospect trailer.
  44. "Pegasus": This is a reference to the AV-8B's Rolls-Royce Pegasus engine.
  45. "The Select Few": A reference to the United States Marine Corps, the primary users of the Harrier. "The Few, The Proud."
  46. "Microburst": A microburst is a localized downdraft of wind. A small effect similar to a microburst is caused by VTOL aircraft like the AV-8B.
  47. "No Crying Over Spilt Milk": The Japanese version of this nickname, 覆水盆に返らず, is a proverb about Jiang Ziya during the Chinese Zhou dynasty. Legend says that he visited a woman he was once married to, and requested a bowl of water, but accidentally dropped it. He realized, "Water that is once spilled cannot go back to the bowl, just as our marriage cannot be what it once was." Since "Aquarius" is Latin for "water bearer", Project Aces used the proverb as the AV-8B -Aquarius-'s nickname. The closest translation of the proverb to English is "It's no use crying over spilled milk," hence the English nickname.
  48. "Pon De Beach": Hibiki Ganaha's new song in THE iDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL.
  49. "Battlefield Flower": A reference to the B-1B's ability to cover the ground in bombs.
  50. "American Star": The B-1B is solely operated by the USAF.
  51. "Freelancer": A pun on the B-1B's name, "Lancer".
  52. "Don Quixote": A reference to Don Quixote, a tale of a man who loses his sanity and aims to restore chivalry and knighthood. He uses a lance, which plays on the B-1B's name, "Lancer".
  53. "Cooking Time": A reference to Finn during Launch in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon: "Let's roast some marshmallows."
  54. "A Wish Fulfilled": Jack Northrop, the founder of Northrop Corporation, was convinced since the 1930s that flying wing designs were the future, and worked hard to make them a reality. He passed away in 1981, prior to the B-2's first flight in 1989, but he did get to hold a scale model of the B-2. With the B-2's production, Northrop's wish was fulfilled.
  55. "Soul of a Sky Pirate": Mistranslation of 空賊の魂 which more accurately translates to "Spirit of a Sky Pirate", a reference to the B-2's name, "Spirit".
  56. "Obsidian Angel": A reference to the B-2's black color.
  57. "Secluded Beauty": When the B-2 is not in flight, it is stored in temperature- and humidity-controlled hangars to preserve its stealth. This is comparable to some people believing that keeping beautiful women in temperature-controlled areas will maintain their beauty.
  58. "Swordsmith Trainee": Potentially a literal translation of "Messerschmitt", the aircraft's name, to "sword" ("messer") and "smith" ("schmitt").
  59. "Luftwaffe": The name of Germany's aerial forces during World War II.
  60. "Specialist": Donald Kingaby was a Royal Air Force ace in World War II. He received the nickname "109 Specialist" for his record in shooting down over a dozen Bf 109s during the war.
  61. "Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds": The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross and its grades were the highest military awards in Nazi Germany, the Bf 109's indigenous country. The "Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds" is the second-highest grade of the award.
  62. "Geniu of Geniuses": Hans-Joachim Marseille, whose livery is used in the design of the Bf 109 -FA-, was the most successful Bf 109 ace, and was described as "the most amazing and ingenious combat pilot I ever saw" by Werner Schröer.
  63. "Quick Strike": The Quickstrike or QuickStrike was a proposed variant of the F-14D with multiple improvements over the base model.
  64. "40 Seconds": John Boyd, also known as "Forty Second Boyd", was a flight instructor who claimed that he could defeat any opposing pilot in air combat maneuvering in 40 seconds or less. He helped provide input for the F-15's development.
  65. "Aircraft Mafia": The Fighter Mafia was a group of USAF officers and analysts who pushed for inexpensive, lightweight fighter aircraft, which had a notable role in the F-16's development.
  66. "Millennium": A play on the Millennium Falcon's name from Star Wars.
  67. "Watch the Angles": A potential reference to the F/A-18F's wings when they're folded, as they make nearly-right angles. On the Japanese client of Infinity, this nickname actually translates to "Beware of Horn", a reference to the aircraft's informal "Rhino" nickname.
  68. "Lilldraken": The informal nickname of the Saab 210, which was the testbed for the double-delta concept in the J35J.
  69. "Balalaika": The MiG-21's planform design has been noted to look similar to a balalaika, which became a popular nickname for the aircraft. A MiG-21-93 ace in Ace Combat: Joint Assault uses the callsign "Balalaika".
  70. "Dragster": Dragsters were vehicles used in drag racing, built for high speeds. The MiG-31 is notable for its high speed compared to most other aircraft.
  71. "Embodiment of Speed": A direct reference to the MiG-31's high speed.
  72. "Black Dog": A play on the "Foxhound" name, potentially referencing the black dog ghost, a harbinger of death.
  73. "Chief Consulting Pilot": The title held by Cynthia Bridgitte Fitzgerald, a leading Delphinus researcher and pilot at Neucom Incorporated.
  74. "Sturmovik": Russian for "attack aircraft".
  75. "Grach": "Грач" ("rook"), the Russian Air Force's name for the Su-25TM.
  76. "Ski Jumper": The Su-33 operates from the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, which has a ski jump at the end of its runway.
  77. "Golden Eagle": "Berkut" is Russian for "golden eagle".
  78. "Hero of the Russian Federation": Sergey Bogdan, a notable PAK-FA test pilot, was awarded this title in 2011. Andrei Markov, who flew the PAK-FA in the final missions of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, also held this title before the game's events.
  79. "Jack Knife": A jackknife, or pocketknife, folds and unfolds its blade similar to how the X-02 folds and unfolds its wings.
  80. "Chimera Machine": Like the mythological Chimera, the X-29A is made of parts from multiple aircraft, including the F-5E's fuselage, the F-16's landing gear, and the F/A-18's single engine.
  81. "Spider": The nickname of the first YF-23 prototype (also named "Black Widow II"). A YF-23 ace in Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception uses the callsign "Spider".
  82. "Grey Ghost": The nickname of the second YF-23 prototype.
  83. "Good Loser": The YF-23 lost to the F-22 in the Advanced Tactical Fighter competition and was never mass-produced.
  84. "Rough Diamond": A direct reference to the shape of the YF-23's wingspan.


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