Ace Combat Infinity features a set of PlayStation Network trophies for players to earn. The 15 trophies are split into 13 Bronze, 1 Silver, and 1 Gold. The trophies are listed below in XMB order.

Icon Value & Name
Unlimited Potential PSN-bronze Unlimited Potential
Selected as MVP for an Online Co-Op Mission.
Letter of Appointment PSN-bronze Letter of Appointment
Completed the flight tutorial.
First Job PSN-bronze First Job
Participated in "Lost Butterfly".
Dawn Of The Endless War PSN-bronze Dawn Of The Endless War
Participated in "Far Eastern Front".
Emergency! PSN-bronze Emergency!
Participated in a Special Raid Mission.
Favorite Aircraft PSN-bronze Favorite Aircraft
Upgraded aircraft performance to Lv.5.
From Battlefield To Battlefield PSN-bronze From Battlefield To Battlefield
Participated in 5 types of missions in Online Co-Op Missions.
Money Game PSN-bronze Money Game
Total rewards received surpassed 10,000,000.
Countless Kills PSN-bronze Countless Kills
Shot down a total of 3000 aircraft.
Incalculable Amount of Damage PSN-bronze Incalculable Amount of Damage
Destroyed a total of 3000 ground targets.
Rapid Research and Development PSN-bronze Rapid Research and Development
Ordered a total of 50 aircraft and aircraft parts from the manufacturing plant.
No Longer A Rookie PSN-bronze No Longer A Rookie
Ranked up for the first time.
Welcome To The Officer Club PSN-bronze Welcome To The Officer Club
Promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant.
Wings of the Frontline PSN-silver Wings of the Frontline
Promoted to the rank of Major.
Pilot For Life PSN-gold Pilot For Life
Promoted to the rank of Colonel.