A leak of the contents of Ace Combat Infinity's Update 1.03 package took place in August 2014. The leak included a list of aircraft and parts that were to be patched into the game with the 1.03 package, implying that all included aircraft would eventually be accessible in some way in the game.


On August 20, 2014, an anonymous user posted the list of aircraft and parts to Reddit's Ace Combat subreddit, claiming that it was extracted directly from the upgrade package.[1]

One day later, the official Ace Combat Facebook page published a post with a list of some of the standard and Special Aircraft coming to the game. The standard aircraft were the ones confirmed to be coming to the game previously, while the Special Aircraft (ten in total) were all seen in the list from the leak. Since then, the list of Special Aircraft has been removed, but it is still visible through the post's edit history.[2]

On September 5, 2014, Project Aces posted a six-second video through the Vine social media service. It opened with the Project Aces logo animation from Infinity's trailers, and then showed the Advanced Automated Aviation animation that plays when a player orders a new aircraft in the game. However, the percentage shown began to slow down when it passed 75%, and the camera zoomed in when it reached 87%. The percentage stopped at 88% and flashed a few times before the camera moved back and the animation completed.[3] One week later, a second Vine was uploaded featuring the title screen of Infinity seen in the game's trailers, but two infinity symbols were shown instead of one, making the number 88.[4] Both Vines referenced Area 88, a manga series created by Kaoru Shintani in which multiple characters use personal aircraft, some of which were listed in the leak. This was confirmed on September 29 when a trailer was released, showing off four of the Area 88 aircraft as well as a new gameplay mode,[5] followed by an announcement by Project Aces with details on the Area 88 Collaboration Event.



Of note is that none of the aircraft announced to be a part of the update - the F-14D Super Tomcat, F-15J, Su-37 Terminator, Su-33 Flanker-D, and ASF-X Shinden II - were included in the list. This has led to the belief that those five aircraft were actually added to the game in the Update 1.02 package. This implies, for example, that the F-5E Tiger II and F-20A Tigershark II will be announced as part of Update 1.04.


All of the parts in the following list are in the game as of Update 1.03. Nine parts are new, while five had already been in the game prior to the update. This implies that those parts' performance statistics were adjusted.

  • 改良型弾頭 (MSL) L — Advanced Warheads (MSL) L [10]
  • 改良型推進剤 (MSL) L — Advanced Propulsion (MSL) L [10]
  • 軽量型可動フィン (MSL) — Lightweight Mobile Fin (MSL) [10]
  • 改良型推進剤 (SP.W) L — Advanced Propulsion (SP.W) L [10]
  • 改良型ハードポイント (SP.W) L — Advanced Hard Points (SP.W) L [10]
  • 強化型エンジンノズル L — Enhanced Engine Nozzle L
  • 強化型エンジンコンプレッサ L — Enhanced Engine Compressor L
  • 新型主翼アクチュエータ (ロール) L — High Spec Main Wing Actuator (Roll) L
  • 軽量型尾翼アクチュエータ (ヨー) — Lightweight Tail Actuator (Yaw)
  • 改良型弾頭 (SP.W) L — Advanced Warheads (SP.W) L
  • 改良型目標識別回路 (SP.W) L — Advanced Target Awareness Circuit (SP.W) L
  • 電子戦用省電力アンテナ — Electronic Warfare Power Conserving Antenna
  • 対ステルス用ハイパワーレーダー — Anti-Stealth High Power Radar
  • レーダー警戒装置拡張パネル — Radar Alert Expansion Panel


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