A list of missions in the campaign of Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion.


# Title Date Location
Skies of incursion Phuku Lagolla Air Base
The player must shoot down all aircraft in the airspace.
Fort Base Sallqa
The player must minimise damage to Base Sallqa by eliminating enemy forces.
Threat in back Challwa
The player must defend all allied aircraft and destroy all enemies.
Pressure Base Sallqa
The player must destroy all enemy forces in order to defend Base Sallqa.
Survive Area Z2K
The player must shoot down all Chimera Squadron members, who will be flying Su-37 Terminators. The number of Chimera planes will depend on the difficulty selected.
Interception Behind the Leasath frontline
The player must destroy all enemy supply facilities.
Resistance Port Patterson
Leasath has launched a full-scale invasion on Port Patterson with their naval and air forces. The player must escort an allied naval fleet and help it escape.
Flames of AX En route to Griswall
The player must destroy one of Leasath's aerial warships, the Gandr. Depending on difficulty, the amount of Chimera Squadron members present will differ.