A list of missions in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War.


# Title / Operation Date Location
Glacial Skies Valais Air Base
As the Belkan Air Force sends heavy bombers to destroy Ustio's last line of defense, the Valais Air Base, two relatively unknown mercenary pilots, Cipher and Pixy, are sent on a mission to intercept them, along with more of the 6th Air Division. The Galm Team is formed ad hoc, with Pixy put under Cipher's command without previously knowing each other. To everyone's surprise, the two manage to shoot down all ten bombers (6 B-52Hs and 4 BM-335s) and their escorts before they reach the base. Upon their return, Pixy comments that Cipher "has potential".
Annex Route 171
Cipher and Pixy participate in the battle of Arlon and destroy the Belkan ground forces along Route 171, securing a transportation route for the Allied counterattack. This mission features a large number of yellow targets, allowing the player to propel their Ace Style gauge either into the Mercenary, or the Knight area (or stay as the default Soldier).
The Round Table Area B7R, Belka
The Galm Team serves as a distraction for the Belkan military, intruding into the Strategic Area B7R, "the Round Table", while the Osean and Allied forces elsewhere launch the Offensive Campaign No. 4101. Depending on Cipher's Ace Style, the Belkans send the Rot Team (Mercenary), Grun Team (Soldier), or Indigo Team (Knight) after the Galm, but Cipher and Pixy defeat them, much to both sides' surprise.
Juggernaut Futuro Canal
The Galm Team participates in the battle for the Futuro Canal, opposed by the Belkan Navy, Army, and Air Force, including the Winds of Futuro aces. The campaign itself consists of three consecutive operations, with the player choosing which one to take part in before the start of the mission.
  1. Operation Gelnikos (04A). Galm and the allied planes clear out the southern entrance of the Futuro Canal, so that the Osean 3rd Naval Fleet can advance through it.
  2. Operation Round Hammer (04B). Galm and the allied planes destroy the Belkan fleet and remaining defences on the northern end of the Canal to secure a safe exit for the Osean fleet.
  3. Operation Costner (04C). Galm and the allied planes escort the Osean 3rd Naval Fleet and its state-of-the-art aircraft carrier OFS Kestrel, as they cross the Canal.
Flicker of Hope Solis Ortus
Cipher and Pixy cover the landing of the Osean Army 101st Airborne Division and the 122nd Airborne Division in Solis Ortus, southwest of the Ustio capital Directus, preparatory to the latter's liberation.
Diapason Directus
The Galm Team takes part in the liberation of Directus. Halfway through the battle, the Directus civilians start attacking the Belkans, taking over some fortified positions. After the Belkan forces retreat from the city, the Gelb Team is dispatched against Galm, but is shot down. This is the turning point in the Belkan War.
Bastion Glatisant
Galm and several allied squadrons assault the South Belkan defensive perimeter, the Hydrian Line, near Mount Ivrea and destroy much of the installation. After the battle, news arrive that an Allied squadron was mysteriously destroyed, as revealed later, by the Belkan long-range laser superweapon Excalibur.
Merlon Schayne Plains
The Belkan second line of defense on the Schayne Plains consists of two anti-aircraft bases and a large number of fighter aircraft. Three strike teams assault the Plains simultaneously, and the player has to choose which one the Galm Team joins:
  1. Alpha Team (08A). Galm and the Allied planes destroy one of the anti-air bases and a large number of armored ground units stationed there.
  2. Beta Team (08B). Galm and the Allied planes destroy one of the anti-air bases and a large number of aircraft stationed there.
  3. Theta Team (08C). Galm and the Allied planes engage the Belkan Air Force over the Plains, preventing them from interfering with Alpha and Beta Teams.

After the Plains are cleared, the Allied transport planes and their escorts find themselves under attack by Excalibur. Only a few, among them Cipher and Pixy, make it back to base.

Sword of Annihilation Tauberg
The Galm Team and the Crow Team are dispatched to destroy the Excalibur on the Tauberg plateau. Cipher meets his future wingman, PJ (Crow 3) for the first time. Repeatedly fired upon by Excalibur, the Galm Team manages to destroy four jamming facilities and four lesser RTLS Laser Cannons, before taking down the Excalibur itself.
Mayhem Area B7R, Belka
The Galm Team is dispatched to the Round Table to support the Osean aircraft in the largest aerial battle of the Belkan War, Operation Battle-Axe. Despite losses on both sides (among them Jack Bartlett and Peter N. Beagle), Cipher's assistance turns the tide of battle to Osean favor, earning him the title "the Demon Lord of the Round Table". Even an elite Belkan ace squadron (Schwarze Team on Mercenary, Schnee Team on Soldier, Silber Team on Knight) is unable to stop him and Pixy.
The Inferno Hoffnung
Galm and Crow Squadrons escort Allied bombers on a precision bombing run at the Belkan industrial center Hoffnung, which, however, quickly devolves into indiscriminate saturation bombing. Pixy and PJ engage in a heated discussion about justifiability of such actions. Soon thereafter, the Belkans abandon the city but not before shooting down the Allied bombers. From this point onward, the Belkans resort to scorched earth tactics to prevent their advanced technologies from falling into the enemy hands.
The Stage of Apocalypse Waldreich Mountains
Galm and Crow Squadrons are sent to reinforce the Allied assault on Sudentor. While they are passing over the Stier Castle in the Waldreich Mountains, however, their objective is changed to shooting down a squadron of Belkan strategic bombers believed to carry nuclear weapons. Although the Ustian planes are successful, seven nuclear bombs are set off across Waldreich. In the ensuing confusion, Pixy deserts and fires upon Cipher before fleeing the airspace with Joshua Bristow.
Lying in Deceit Mount Schirm
PJ joins Galm Squadron as Cipher's wingman, since Pixy is believed to be MIA. Together, Cipher and PJ destroy the Belkan air base and storage facilities at Mount Schirm, where the Belkan forces attempt to rally. Heierlark Air Base is accessible in this mission via the Return Line for repairs and rearmament. During the mission, they spot a colossal hangar, unaware that it was used to house the XB-0 Hresvelgr.
The Final Overture Anfang
Concurrently with the peace ceremony that officially ends the Belkan War in Lumen, three strike teams comprised entirely of mercenaries are sent to Anfang to eliminate the remaining Belkan military hideouts there. The player is free to choose the one they join:
  1. Mars Strike Team (14A). Galm Team and other mercenaries destroy a large number of military facilities in Anfang.
  2. Mercury Strike Team (14B). Galm Team and other mercenaries destroy the Anfang air base.
  3. Jupiter Strike Team (14C). Galm Team and other mercenaries fend off the last remaining Belkan pilots who attempt to protect Anfang.

After the mission, PJ observes that their opponents were far too many and well-equipped to be simple "remnant forces".

The Talon of Ruin Waldreich Mountains
Half a year after the peace ceremony, some Belkan officers pull a coup d'etat and, together with some Allied aces, form the terrorist organization "A World With No Boundaries". After bombing Lumen with their colossal mobile command platform, the XB-0 Hresvelgr, they proceed to deal heavy damage to the Valais Air Base. Galm Team is the only squadron that can take off and gives chase to Hresvelgr, catching up with it over Waldreich. They are engaged by Sapin's renegade Espada Team but defeat them before taking down Hresvelgr itself. As the Hresvelgr crashes, Cipher receives a short encrypted message from Pixy.
The Demon of the Round Table Area B7R, Belka
A World With No Boundaries is revealed to be based around the Avalon Dam near Anfang. En route to the Dam, the Galm Team is ambushed above the Round Table by an elite ace squadron allied with the AWWNB (Sorcerer Team on Mercenary, Gault Team on Soldier, Wizard Team on Knight). The Demon Lord once again defends his title and proceeds towards the Dam.
The Valley of Kings Avalon Dam
Since the AWWNB possess a Belkan nuclear superweapon V2, a large number of Ustio and Osean aircraft are dispatched to the Avalon Dam to destroy it, spearheaded by the Galm Team. Cipher and PJ are the only planes to make it through the anti-air defenses and proceed to destroy the underground V2 controls in an intense tunnel flight. Their celebration, however, is cut short when Pixy, now allied with AWWNB, returns with ADFX-02 Morgan and shoots at Cipher. PJ breaks left into Pixy's laser, causing him to crash and die.
Zero Avalon Dam
Immediately after PJ's is shot down, Cipher and Pixy engage each other in a dogfight. ADFX-02 is revealed to carry backup controls for V2, which Pixy uses to launch the missile. Cipher has no choice but to shoot down his former wingman, which he does despite Pixy's technical superiority. V2 explodes in the air shortly after taking off. Pixy manages to bail out and is nursed back to health by Belkan civilians. Cipher flies back to Valais Air Base with AWACS Eagle Eye.

In the epilogue, set on November 25, 2005 in Delarus, Brett Thompson interviews Pixy, who is now fighting for ISAF in the Continental War. He has reevaluated his views on national identities and borders and his last line is addressed to Cipher: "Yo, Buddy, still alive? And thanks, friend, see you again."

The Gauntlet Area B7R, Belka
In this hidden mission, unlocked after defeating all 11 mission boss squadrons (see Characters), Cipher has to fight five of them again (Gelb, Espada, and three randomly selected ones) one after another, without a wingman. There is a Return Line and a thirty minute time limit. If the player shoots down the Espada Squadron in under one minute on the Ace difficulty level, Mobius One appears as the final opponent of the mission. "The Gauntlet" is not part of the single-player campaign, accessible only as a free mission, and is therefore decisively non-canon.