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Ace Combat: Joint Assault special mission, see Ace of Aces (mission).

The reworked "Invasion of Gracemeria"

Ace of Aces is a series of downloadable missions for Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. First hinted at after the game's release, these missions are suited only for true Ace Combat veterans.


Ace of Aces (or, alternatively, AoA) features five extremely difficult versions of levels taken from the single-player campaign. The missions themselves not only increase the number of enemies, but also includes moments and targets never seen before in their original versions (for example, mission #1 features the P-1112 Aigaion physically spearheading the assault on Gracemeria.) The missions also features several new "ace"-type enemies, such as fighters and even ground targets, most of them either alluding to legendary creatures or Romanian mythology, as is the case with "Ogre" and "Lamia", respectively. Due to the massive increase of enemy presence, any mission could take anywhere from fifteen minutes to half an hour to complete.

The Allied Support system has been revised in this mode, now implementing a new concept known as "Counter-Charge", which requires the player to fill the bar by destroying as many enemies as possible during a 60-second period. During this time, the player can earn allied NPCs to join the fight to be used for allied support only. The more you destroy (All enemies if able), the more allies you have, ranging from tanks, launchers, howitizers, AH-64's, AC-130's, etc.


There are five stages in total. Each page contains specific details on the featured changes.

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