Welcome to Acepedia, the number-one encyclopedia on the Ace Combat video game series! We are dedicated to providing all available information regarding the Ace Combat games. Ace Combat is a series of flight simulation/action/arcade video games known for being the best of its kind, having sold 14 million units worldwide. The games are developed by Project Aces and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment (formerly Namco or Bandai Namco Games).

Currently, Acepedia hosts 3,105 articles and 14,758 files.



Electrosphere, the predecessor of Acepedia, was created at on January 26, 2006. For reasons unknown, most of the community transferred from EditThis to Fandom (then known as Wikia), where User:Thunderhead created this wiki under the same name, Electrosphere, on August 19, 2006.

After some time, Electrosphere's members branched off to create their own section under the Ace Combat Skies website, followed by a further branching into their own website. Meanwhile, this wiki was renamed to AceWiki and its remaining users attempted to continue the encyclopedic efforts. However, AceWiki was rampant with fan fiction and did not have many helpful contributors or administrators.

2010 - 2013

In 2010, what was known then as the Oasis theme was applied to all wikis on Fandom, and AceWiki went through many layout changes. The administration team simultaneously had a major shift, and a huge data collection effort took place across all of the Ace Combat games. The wiki also prepared for the releases of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy.

During this transition phase, AceWiki was renamed to Acepedia, its current name.

2013 - 2015

Acepedia went through few major changes from 2010 until 2013, when the Main Page, site appearance, policies and administration team were all given major updates. Most importantly, changes were made to the policies concerning fan material in order to start a mass removal of anything created by fans. This was done to make Acepedia a reliable source of official and verified information concerning the Ace Combat series. This effort is still ongoing as of 2020.

The release of Ace Combat Infinity in 2014 brought a lot of changes for Acepedia, mostly due to the wiki receiving double the page views and double the visitors. Efforts were made to start standardizing the articles for aircraft, missions, and in-universe events, as well as to provide valid sources for all information.

Additionally, Acepedia and Electrosphere "3.0" (both their own separate entities at this point) began to assist the fans of Ace Combat in a unified effort called the "Infinity Ace Seminar", previously hosted at Acepedia:Infinity Ace Seminar. Members of both communities also participated together in various online events. However, in 2015, Electrosphere 3.0 shut down and entrusted the role of information-keeping to Acepedia.

A Skype group was created to invite Acepedia members to live chat about what's going on in Ace Combat and to quickly organize online matches; this has since been continued into a Discord server. To that end, Acepedia also began hosting official events in Ace Combat Infinity or other games where Acepedia players would all prepare to fly together on one specific day and have fun together. These official events have been suspended for the moment, pending the release of Ace Combat 7. Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ profiles for Acepedia were also created and continually updated.

In August 2014, a central page containing all of Acepedia's core policies was created. Acepedia's policies in the past have been scattered across multiple pages in no easy-to-read format, and the new policy page aimed to eliminate those problems to easily protect all of the wiki's users and its content.

2015 - 2016

In late 2015, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown was revealed. Acepedia doubled up on its efforts to expand its content and improve the user experience for the new users introduced by Ace Combat 7. The biggest change during this time was the creation of Portals on the Main Page, a community suggestion already in place on other wikis. In addition, Acepedia's Projects page was remade and is currently in use to streamline the massive operations going on around the wiki in one central location.

In 2016, Acepedia celebrated its 10th anniversary. This brought on some new updates to the wiki, including joining Fandom's beta test of the new Discussions feature, the return of navboxes to articles, and an application for dedicated Acepedia mobile apps, which was approved a few months later.


Ace Combat 7 was announced to release in 2017. With this, the future of Acepedia is currently being written, and the foundation exists for the wiki to begin recording all necessary information for the new game. The wiki's focus remains on revamping outdated articles, adding all missing information from the older games, and transcribing (and, as best as possible, translating) the contents of the old ACES WEB flash sites.


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There are multiple layers to Acepedia's functionality as a general community:

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