Acepedia has an official Discord server where Acepedia members can chat live with each other. Among many general topics, we discuss editing and work on the wiki and join together in playing games. It serves as a relaxed atmosphere for members of the wiki to chat with each other outside of the wiki's scope.

Joining the Server

You do not need to download anything to use Discord. You can simply use the web app at Alternatively, you can download Discord for your phone or computer on the same website.

Joining the Acepedia server is easy. On the right sidebar, you can see our Discord server widget. You can click the "Connect" button at the bottom-right of the widget to easily enter our server!

If you're on mobile or cannot see the widget, you can also click here to join.


User:SlyCooperFan1 and User:Qbicle, the administrators of Acepedia, also manage the Discord server. The server is a much more relaxed environment and does not have any stated rules. Users are simply expected to respect other users and the community.