This page documents a policy for Acepedia.
It describes a standard that all editors should normally follow.
Feedback, suggestions, or concerns should be addressed on the talk page. Any changes should reflect consensus.

Acepedia's site policy is a set of policies designed to protect all users on the community as well as the community itself. The site policy is enforced by the community's Administrators. Anyone who contributes to the community in any way is subject to these policies.


  • Do not make personal attacks. Comment on content, not on the contributor. Respect all other users in the community.
  • Assume good faith. Everyone has the same goal: to improve Acepedia. Assume this of any opponent in a debate, and make it your only goal as well.
  • Keep it civil and tasteful. Vulgarity is unencyclopedic and therefore not permitted in articles except in quotations. Vulgarity is allowed on user pages, comments, Discussions, etc. but unnecessary vulgarity may be edited or removed.


  • Acepedia is an Ace Combat community and nothing more. Real-life history of in-game subjects should be sparse. Fan-made content is only permitted on a case-by-case basis by the Administrators.
  • Acepedia's original text is protected by the CC-BY-SA Creative Commons license, which applies to most original text on FANDOM communities.
  • Users are not allowed to copy text from other websites or copyrighted material without proper citation and permission.
  • All files uploaded to Acepedia must display a source, a copyright tag, and other relevant information to verify their eligibility to be hosted here.


Typically, a user's first offense of any policy will result in a warning. After one or two warnings, a user who continues to violate policies will be blocked from the community for a certain amount of time, ranging from 1 hour to forever. "Forever" is usually reserved for spammers or consistent repeat offenders. The length of the block will depend on the severity of the user's actions on a case-by-case basis.

If a user feels their block is unjust, they should contact the blocking Administrator at Community Central. For more information, see this blog post by a FANDOM staff member. Users should not attempt to circumvent their blocks, as this will result in more severe blocks.

Terms of Use

All users on the FANDOM network must always follow Wikia, Inc.'s Terms of Use. These terms are enforced by FANDOM staff members, who supersede Acepedia's Administrators. If there is an issue with the site itself, or a user has broken the Terms of Use, users should go to Special:Contact to speak with FANDOM staff.