"A firebird insignia? I've heard of this one!"
Usean Rebel Forces pilot

Acid Rain is the ninth mission of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy.


Destroy the enemy bombers heading to Anchorhead. You remember Anchorhead? A radar base to the west of it has confirmed a massive surge of incoming Rebel Forces. Their target must be Anchorhead. Now that it serves as a vital supply harbor for the Allied Forces, we believe they're trying to impair the city. However, many civilians also reside at Anchorhead. A bomb raid on the city means the Rebels have little regard for the safety of countless innocents. We can't allow that to happen. It all comes down to you, Scarface Squadron.[1]


The mission's objective is to shoot down the four B-52s and two B-2As that spawn outside Anchorhead in multiple waves while defending allied targets within the city from bomber attacks. Shooting all bombers down completes the mission.

Enemy Lists

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S Rank

Complete the mission with 5,980 points or more. This score is equivalent to destroying every enemy that spawns including the named unit.


Anchorhead was in a high state of alert, but thanks to prior evacuation, no civilian casualties have been reported. Phoenix, have you heard the news? Seems the entire city is praising our squadron as heroes for saving Anchorhead. Make sure not to let them down.[1]