The Admiral Tsanev was a Yuktobanian Admiral Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier that served during the Circum-Pacific War. She was sunk by Razgriz Squadron in late December 2010 during an engagement with the Kestrel Fleet.


The Admiral Tsanev was constructed sometime before 2010; her battle record prior to the Circum-Pacific War remains unknown. However, at some point, the Admiral Tsanev became attached to a sizable Yuktobanian naval armada stationed in the Ceres Ocean.

On December 29, 2010, at 1721hrs, the Admiral Tsanev and its battle group encountered a small Osean fleet, which included the OFS Kestrel, and began making battle preparations. After the Yuktobanian prime minister failed to defuse the situation, the Admiral Tsanev and its fleet engaged the Oseans as well as a number of Yuktobanian warships that defected to protect the prime minister.[1] During the ensuing naval battle, the Admiral Tsanev launched its fighter aircraft to engage Razgriz Squadron, but was subsequently sunk along with its fellow nationalist warships.[2]