The Adriatic Sea is a large body of water located northeast of the Mediterranean Sea.


Joint Assault universe

On March 11, 2011, the Valahia had deployed a submarine equipped with thermobaric missiles to the Adriatic. Antares Squadron was quickly dispatched to eliminate the submarine. Upon shooting down two F/A-18Es, the squadron was then alerted to Rigel Squadron's presence, who now operated as Varcolac Squadron. In a heated dogfight, the latter was defeated. Antares Squadron then encountered the submarine. Despite its firepower advantage, it was sunk.[1]

Infinity universe

On September 19, 2020, the United Nations Forces launched a full-scale invasion on the Adriatic to clear the area of USEA forces. After most of the latter's forces had been destroyed, an attack from the OLDS caused the UNF to lose some of their forces. Despite this loss, the operation was a success.[2]

During Operation Eternal Liberation, the Adriatic Sea was taken back by USEA forces. The UNF then deployed air squadrons and ground units in an attempt to reclaim the beach.[3]



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