For the Campaign mission, see Operation Bunker Shot (Infinity). For other uses, see Operation Bunker Shot.

Adriatic Sea Landing Operation is an Online Co-Op Mission in Ace Combat Infinity. It takes place over Area V9D in the Adriatic Sea, where players must work together to assist further UNF ground forces in landing on the USEA-controlled beaches.


Although our forces successfully liberated the Adriatic coastline in area V9D from enemy control, those same enemy forces have now taken it back. This can be expected to cause a significant impediment to Operation Eternal Liberation. Intelligence indicates that enemy forces are already completely mobilized, with heavy defenses now in position. It will be no easy task to take this region back again. We need you to provide swift and decisive air support, clearing out as many enemies as possible in order to protect our allies advancing on the ground.



Mission Update

S Rank


C or B Rank

You caused sufficient damage to the enemy defenders and drove them back inland. Although our ground forces did take some damage, the operation can be considered a success.

A Rank

Your activities have once again brought the Adriatic Sea under our control. Our ground forces suffered only limited damage and should be able to conduct operations across the Eurasian continent.

S Rank

You kept casualties among our ground forces to a minimum while swiftly eradicating enemy defensive forces. Command HQ is extremely happy with your performance.


Meteors falling in the distance during the mission

  • The background music for this mission is "Operation Bunker Shot" from the Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies Original Soundtrack.
  • There is a possibility for falling meteors in the second half of the mission, after the Mission Update is completed. It is unclear if this only happens when Project Aces enables it, like the Bacura, or if it's always been possible, though proof and mention of this event first appeared in April 2016.


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