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For the Leasath defense system on Mount Nevera, see Aegis defense system.

An Emmerian Aegis-class cruiser

Aegis ships (sometimes referred to as Aegis-class cruisers) are a special type of battle cruiser exclusively named in Ace Combat games. Battle cruisers typically feature a number of powerful weapons already, but Aegis-class cruisers combine these weapons into one sophisticated computer system, allowing for advanced radar tracking for weapons fire.

More recently, Aegis-class cruisers have also featured integrated CIWS systems for protection against incoming fire. Destroying these requires a volley of attacks from various sources to overwhelm the onboard Aegis computer. LASMs and LACMs, when employed from long range, can also bypass these defenses fairly easily.


The chief difference between an Aegis ship and other naval ships is that an Aegis Ship will have two SAM launchers that can either target the player or be targeted by the player. In Ace Combat 6 and Ace Combat Infinity, SAMs were replaced with two VLS launchers which are naval version of more efficient and capable XSAM.

In Ace Combat Infinity, a special variant of Aegis ships is featured in the Naval Team Deathmatch mode. These versions feature the aforementioned CIWS targets that will destroy missiles that are fired at a distance at either the Aegis ship or the ships around it, incensing the player to target them first. The CIWS will continue to respawn if destroyed until the Aegis itself is destroyed.



An Erusean Aegis-class cruiser was attempting to escape with several other ships during ISAF's Operation Rough Seas, it was sunk along with the rest of the Aegir Fleet.[1]

During the Circum-Pacific War, both Yuktobania and Osea operated Aegis ships. The Osean Aegis ship OFS Excalibur was attacked by the Yuktobanian Air Force during the Bombing of St. Hewlett.[2] The Osean OFS Halcyon and Yuktobanian Kaniak were sunk along with their respective fleets by Razgriz Squadron during Operation Glory Horn.[3]

During the Emmeria-Estovakia War, the Estovakian Navy deployed Aegis ships against the Emmerian 2nd Fleet during Operation Free Gracemeria.[4]

Several Aegis ships were deployed in battle during the Lighthouse War, including the first appearance of the Admiral Gorshkov-class frigate under the Erusean Navy. At least two of these vessels were assigned to the Njord Fleet to provide anti-aircraft defense.[5]

Assault Horizon universe

The USS Anzio supported the defense of Washington, D.C. from NRF remnants; however, the crew was forced to abandon ship after several NRF fighters crashed into the ship.[6]

Infinity Universe

Aegis ships were used by both the United Nations Forces and acquired by the USEA Federation during its uprising. These ships were used by the latter all around the world, including Tokyo, Comona Base, and the Adriatic Sea.

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