The Aerial Fleet was a strategic unit of aerial warships developed by Estovakia. It was formed by the P-1112 Aigaion heavy command cruiser, as well as two P-1113 Kottos electronic support aircraft and two P-1114 Gyges air defense units. The Strigon Team was the most notable squadron stationed aboard the Aigaion to defend the Aerial Fleet.



The Aerial Fleet was conceived by Eastern Faction commander Gustav Dvornik during the Estovakian Civil War as a means of projecting air power at extremely long ranges throughout the continent of Anea. The Aigaion and her support warships were developed under the "P/F-X" program with the aid of Belkan defector Lorenz Riedel who stole heavy command cruiser research from his country and defected to Estovakia with several engineers involved in classified Belkan weapons programs.[2] The Aerial Fleet was a key factor in an Eastern Faction victory during the civil war.[3]

Emmeria-Estovakia War

The Aerial Fleet first appeared in the war during the Invasion of Gracemeria just as the Emmerians gained the upper hand. Thanks to the use of its payload of Nimbus missiles as well as the Strigon Team, the Estovakians were able to force the Emmerians to abandon the capital.[4]

Strigon Escorting Aigaion

Strigon Team escorting the Aerial Fleet.

Shortly after the fall of the capital, the Aerial Fleet took part in the capture of San Loma, again utilizing Nimbus missiles and the Stigon Team to quickly gain air superiority for Estovakia.[3]

Further actions from the Aerial Fleet were not known until the Emmerians began their push through the Selumna Peaks. The Aigaion began to launch cruise missiles from afar towards the Emmerians with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles acting as spotters. Despite suffering heavy casualties, the Emmerians were able to successfully push through Selumna.[5]

Their next involvement took place during the Emmerian liberation of San Loma. Again, they stayed away from the battle and provided cruise missile support for the embattled Estovakian garrison. With experience from the battle in the Selumna Peaks, the Emmerians were able to avoid the attacks by shooting down the drones, thereby lessening the casualty rate. As a result, San Loma was retaken by the Emmerians. When the Aigaion had fired the Nimbus missiles, the AWACS Ghost Eye had located where they were fired from.[6]

P-1112 Aigaion Crashing

The Aigaion falling into the Fuscum Sea.

Their last known action took place during Emmeria's assault on the Aerial Fleet. Using the stolen flight plans for the Aerial Fleet and the schedules for the Aigaion's aerial refuelling, the Emmerians were able to sneak close towards the fleet due to the tankers refuelling the Aigaion blocking most of the radar signals. Because of these reasons, the Aerial Fleet was shot down ending the threat to the Emmerians.[7]




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