For the HARD version of this mission, see Aerospace Center Defense (HARD).
This article is about an in-game mission. For the in-universe event, see Operation Count Down.

Aerospace Center Defense is a multiplayer mission in Ace Combat Infinity. It takes place in an aerospace center in Area B9K of West Indies called Comona Base where the players are working together to fend off the enemy's destruction or capture attempt of the base during a rocket launch.


The West Indies Space Center in Area B9K is under attack, from an air force and an enemy fleet that has appeared in the surrounding waters. Although it is unclear whether the enemy intends to destroy or capture the Space Center, their motivation is to interrupt our satellite observation and tracking capabilities, and also establish their military superiority in space. Defend the Space Center by attacking the enemy air force and the fleet.

Mission Clear Conditions:
Achieve specified results within the operation time. The team with the best results will receive additional rewards.


Alpha team begins North of the westernmost island, while Bravo team begins North of the easternmost island. The enemies of this mission consist of a huge number of naval targets and air targets surrounding all three islands of Comona Base. Air enemies consist of rare low priority MiG-21s, medium priority MiG-29s and F/A-18Fs, and SP F-35Bs. Naval enemies consist of mostly medium priority target regular hovercrafts and missile hovercrafts, a small number of low priority small combat ships, SP Landing Ships, and a single SP Aegis. There are also low and medium priority ground targets on the islands and the roads connecting the three islands.

After the mission update, the enemies appear randomly. Players may encounter a naval fleet either on the North side of the islands or the South side of the islands. Either way, players will always encounter a large number of sea targets that include low priority small combat ships, medium priority Cruisers and hovercrafts, and SP targets Battle Cruiser and Aircraft Carrier. The air enemies will change depending on the naval fleet's appearance. Southern enemies have low priority F-14Ds, medium priority F/A-18Fs, and SP T-50s. Northern enemies have low priority F-14Ds, medium priority Rafale Ms, Su-33s, and F/A-18Fs, There are also SP Il-76s providing radar jamming. Once all targets are destroyed in the North side, two additional SP F-35Bs will appear. A third possible encounter after the mission update is a large concentration of air, ground, and sea enemies on the easternmost island, where the rocket launches from. The ground enemies consist of gun/missile boats, corvettes, low priority ground vehicles, XSAMs, and AD Tanks. The air enemies consist of varying low, medium, and SP priority aircraft, the same as encountered earlier in the mission.


E or D Rank

While the enemy was prevented from obtaining it for themselves, the Space Station took considerable damage. We will have to struggle on without satellite surveillance until it can be repaired.

C or B Rank

The enemy forces have retreated, perhaps to avoid unnecessary losses. It is unlikely they have given up on the Space Center, but for now the operation is a success.

A Rank

The enemy forces have been driven off after sustaining major casualties. Damage to the Space Center was minimized, proving to the enemy that it will not be easy to outsmart our forces.

S Rank

Enemy forces on land, sea and air have all been destroyed.
Your attacks have prevented the Space Center from sustaining damage.


  • The background music of this mission is a remix of Comona from Ace Combat 04 Shattered Skies Original Soundtrack.
  • In the final minute, the rocket undergoes its launch sequence and quickly ascends to 40,000 feet before the mission time runs out. This event and the dialogue are almost an exact match to the end of the Ace Combat 04 mission Shattered Skies, upon which Aerospace Center Defense is based. If the players destroy every enemy prior to launch, the mission will not end until the rocket reaches approximately 35,000 feet.


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