Following is a list of all missions in Air Combat.


# Title / Operation Date Location
Destroy Enemy Supply Lines. Plains
This is an evaluation of your operational abilities. Intelligence reports an enemy supply unit moving to resupply their forward positions. You should have the advantage of surprise. We should have localized air superiority for the duration of the operation. Target: C-5A Supply Unit. Good luck.
Fighter Superiority Plains
Immediate mobilization required. Our base's position was compromised in the last enemy push. Reports indicate imminent arrival of bombers. Scramble and ace those bogeys! Target: B-52 Bomber Force. Good luck.
Intercept Mountainous coast
AWACS reports and enemy incursion in our sector. We are diverting you from local air support to forward operations. Neutralize the approaching units. Target: Enemy Attacking Force. Formation makeup is unknown. Expect enemy fighter support and a tough dogfight. Good luck.
Night Attack on a Coastal City Donet City
Up until now, our offensive missions have been constrained by the presence of civilians in Donet City. A recent evacuation of that city permits us to engage hard targets within the city perimeter. Target 1: Computer communications center. Target 2: Enemy Headquarters building. Night conditions should neutralize enemy ground fire. However, the city has at least three interceptors available. We have no intelligence on force composition. From now on you will have a wingman assigned to you. Inform him of the operation before departure. Good luck!
Destroy Pipe-Lines Pipline
Reconnaissance indicates a weak link in their fuel supply infrastructure. A single pipeline transfers all crude oil from their fields to their refinery. Strike both the pipeline and the refinery. Target: Oil refinery plant and oil field. Use the pipeline as a reference to the refinery. Locate and destroy. Good luck!
Destroy Production Site Production plant
The enemy has proved to have significant resources. This war of attrition is not to our advantage. We are now targeting key infrastructure sites. Target: Resources mining system and production plant. Intelligence reports stealth fighters operating in this theater. Remember, their lack of radar signature makes visual sighting essential. Good luck!
Suppress Radar Base Air Defense Command
The enemy's ADCRS, Air Defense Command and Radar System, has been identified. We can expect a steep drop in enemy effectiveness if this site is destroyed. The enemy has an effective SAM kill zone around the target. Its one weak point is a narrow ravine leading to the base. This requires precision, nap of the earth flying. Target: Enemy radar site. You have no effective countermeasures to this model of SAM (Surface-To-Air Missile). Exit the ravine and you are toast. Good luck!
Destroy Enemy Staging Zone Donet City
Regaining Donet City is a prime strategic consideration for the enemy. To forestall offensive operations we will strike their staging area. Target: Staging facilities and B-1 bombers.  Our goal is to hit them before their incursion begins. Good luck!
Destroy Military Port Facilities Military Port
Naval Intelligence report a transport heading to Nouikott Bay. Since it may be a troop transport, we need to sink it before it docks. Follow up with destruction of the island port facilities. The opposition is expected to consist of an enemy fighter wing of unknown composition and patrolling Aegis warships. The Aegis missile system is highly effective; eliminate the warships quickly. Good luck!
VIP Recovery Mission Mountain Fortress
Your mercenary unit has proven its reliability. We request you aid in the extraction of one of our officers from an enemy mountain fortress. We can only send one unit without alerting the opposition. Target: Cripple enemy air defense and land on their runway. Only you have the required skills. You will be paid handsomely. Good luck!"
Repel Enemy from Captured Port Military Port
The captured port has become a key resupply facility for our forces. We cannot allow the enemy to cripple or recapture it. Current Intel suggests the enemy is preparing a bombing raid utilizing stealth bombers. Even one can devastate the facility. Keep alert! Target: Stealth bomber wing. Good luck!
Storm the Mother Ship Above the Sea
The enemy is committing its huge mother ship to this theater. They are growing desperate. Eliminate the mother ship and their naval mobility is crippled. There are no reference points on the ocean. Pay attention to the operational map. Target: Mother ship. Good luck!
Reconnaissance Desert
Despite the elimination of all fuel refineries, the enemy continues to conduct operations. You are assigned to recon for undetected fuel supplies. Although this is just recon, engage and eliminate any opposition patrols. Good hunting!
Destroy Refueling Center Fuel Depot
Our recon work has identified the last fuel depot. Go and bomb it flat. Target: A group of fuel production bases. The enemy is using its top guns in this theater. Keep focused and good hunting!
Take a Fortress! Scorpion Island
Our offensive operations are now concentrated on the Scorpion Island Fortress. The base itself is a hard nut to crack, but we will isolate it by eliminating it's bridge and central runway. Target: Red suspension bridge to the island, and its air force base. There will be plenty of Ack-Ack and SAM defense around the runway. Go in for one pass, then break off operations. Good luck!
Strike! Ravine
The enemy is on his last legs. One more strike should lay him out. Take your unit through the ravine to the enemy headquarters. Intel is sketchy on force composition near the headquarters, so keep on your toes. Fly low on your way in. Everything above the ravine is a SAM kill zone. Good luck.
Discovery of Airborne Fortress! Ocean
Urgent message! Enemy giant Airborne Fortress discovered. This may be your final task. Eliminate it before it reaches our air space! Good luck!