Air Ixiom is a Usean airline corporation. It provides international flights across multiple continents in Strangereal.


Continental War

Flight 702

On March 14, 2005, two Air Ixiom 767-200 airliners—Flights 701 and 702—departed Erusean-controlled territory bound for Los Canas. Aboard the aircraft were the engineers of Stonehenge, as well as their families. The engineers had offered to provide ISAF with crucial information regarding the design and defensive capabilities of Stonehenge in exchange for amnesty and permission to defect to an ISAF-member state. It is unknown whether other uninvolved civilians were also aboard the aircraft.[1]

When the Eruseans caught wind of the scientists’ intentions, fighters scrambled to intercept the Air Ixiom aircraft. Flight 701 was hit by enemy fire during takeoff, injuring the captain and requiring First Officer Nagase to assume control of the airliner. As a result of the damage, Flight 701 could not maintain cabin pressure, limiting its altitude to only 6,000 feet; Flight 702 took off unharmed and remained at a steady cruising altitude of 23,000 feet.[1]

ISAF dispatched a lone fighter, Mobius 1, to handle the threat of the Erusean fighters, which had been ordered to destroy the Air Ixiom aircraft before they entered ISAF airspace. Mobius 1 intercepted the Erusean fighters north of Chopinburg in central Usea, and the airliners safely exited Erusean airspace with no losses.[1]

Circum-Pacific War

An Air Ixiom airliner grounded at Apito

On November 24, 2010, Air Ixiom Flights 31 and 665 were bound for Apito International Airport when it came under attack by Yuktobanian aircraft and commandos. Apito's control tower canceled their landing clearance, and directly ordered Flight 31 to change course to a different airport. Flight 31 nearly collided with a Capital District Air Defense Squadron fighter taking off for Bana City to contain a second simultaneous attack.[2]

Other Air Ixiom flights were also grounded at their terminals, unable to take off due to the Yuktobanian aircraft in the sky. Wardog Squadron arrived to stave off the Yuktobanian forces and successfully defended the airport.[2]



  • Unused audio assets in Ace Combat Infinity suggest that an Air Ixiom flight, Flight 901, was to make an appearance via a Mission Update.[3] For unknown reasons, Flight 901 was removed early in development.
  • The name "Air Ixiom" is a reference to Namco's 1999 PlayStation game, Star Ixiom.
    • The Star Ixiom Official Guide states that the word "Ixiom" means "不遍の真理",(Fuhenn no shinri) which roughly translates to "irregular truth".