An Erusean Royal Navy aircraft carrier, the Njörðr, launching Su-33 Flanker-Ds, as seen in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

An aircraft carrier is a special type of naval warship that acts as a mobile base capable of carrying, maintaining and launching aircraft. Common features include a flight deck for aircraft to take-off and land. Aircraft carriers appear in most Ace Combat games.

In the Strangereal universe, multiple nations operate aircraft carriers, with the Osean Federation being one of the most prominent users of the warship.[1][2]


Aircraft carriers are essentially floating airfields, capable of launching aircraft to attack enemy targets from safe distances. In Ace Combat games, various carriers, both friendly and enemy, are occasionally encountered and are also sometimes used as the player's airfield during certain missions.

Rafale Ms launching from the Alicorn submersible aviation cruiser

Several games in the series also feature special type of aircraft carrier, referred to as submersible aviation cruisers, submersible carriers, or submarine aircraft cruisers, combining the aircraft carrying capabilities of the aircraft carrier and the underwater attack capabilities of a submarine. Ships of this type include the Scinfaxi-class submarines and the Alicorn.

Also featured in the series are large aerial warships equipped with runways and facilities capable of carrying and maintaining aircraft. These include the XB-0 Hresvelgr and the P-1112 Aigaion.



By the 1980s, the Osean Federation developed the Hubert-class aircraft carriers. In July 1991, Osea issued a contract for the construction of its seventh Hubert-class carrier (30th overall carrier), the OFS Kestrel.[3]

In 1995, during the Skully Islands insurrection, rebel forces seized an aircraft carrier that was later sunk by mercenary ace Phoenix. On April 24, during the Belkan War, the Kestrel was deployed during Offensive Campaign No. 4101, where it helped secure a transit route for the Allied Forces through Futuro Canal.[4] The Belkan Navy aircraft carrier Njord also indirectly participated in the operation, launching aircraft from outside the combat zone.[5] Belka's aerial aircraft carrier, the XB-0 Hresvelgr was also shot down by mercenary ace Cipher on December 25.[6]

In 1997, the Arquette allied itself with the Usean Rebel Forces opposing the signing of the Spring Sea Treaty with the Osean Federation. In July 1998, the Arquette was sunk by Scarface Squadron.[7] In August, the Usean Allied Forces carrier White Valley assisted in destroying a rebel base nearby the Payton Channel during Operation Alphaville.[8]

By summer 2003, the carrier Fort Grace became part of the newly formed Independent State Allied Forces coalition navy. On September 19, 2004, the Fort Grace deplpoyed aircraft, including Mobius 1, to intercept Erusean bombers threatening the ISAF's GHQ at North Point.[9] On November 23, during Operation Rough Seas, the ISAF Air Force sunk the Erusean Navy's aircraft carrier Geofon alongside the rest of the Aegir Fleet.[10]

In 2010, during the Circum-Pacific War, the Osean Maritime Defense Force had at least four Hubert-class aircraft carriers operational, including the OFS Kestrel, Buzzard, Vulture and Barbet. On September 27, the Kestrel was attacked by Yuktobanian Air Force squadrons while they were docked at St. Hewlett, however, VFA-206 and Wardog Squadron managed to protect the carrier.[11] While transitting the Eaglin Straits, both the Buzzard and Vulture would be sunk by Yuktobanian burst missiles launched from the Scinfaxi on September 30. The Kestrel would be the only carrier to survive the encounter.[12] Throughout late November and early December, the Kestrel aided Razgriz Squadron in uncovering and dismantling a plot by the Belkan Grey Men to forge a conflict between Osea and Yuktobania.[13] On December 29, the Kestrel and her fleet were intercepted by Yuktobanian Navy vessels, including the carrier Admiral Tsanev, in the northern Ceres Ocean. Razgriz Squadron launched to protect her fleet as well as defecting Yuktobanian warships.[14] Amidst the engagement, the Kestrel and its new allies were attacked by a passing fleet of nationalist Osean warships, including the carrier Barbet, which branded them as "traitors" for allying themselves with the Yuktobanians. Razgriz sunk both the Osean Barbet and Yuktobanian Admiral Tsanev, allowing the Kestrel Fleet to survive.[15] The following day, the Kestrel was sunk shortly after it launched Razgriz for a final time.[16]

On October 29, 2013, during the final battle of the Estovakian Civil War, the Eastern Faction's aerial aircraft carrier the P-1112 Aigaion played a crucial role in defeating the Lyes United Front.[17]

In 2014, during an uprising of a resurgent Free Erusea, the Central Usean aircraft carrier Albatross, as part of the IUN peacekeeping forces, launched Mobius Squadron to defend Fort Grays Island.[18]

In 2015, during the Emmeria-Estovakia War, the P-1112 Aigaion was used by Estovakia to push the majority of Emmerian forces off of the Anean mainland. An unnamed Estovakian Navy carrier of the South Sea Fleet later helped repel the Emmerian King & Balloon Operations aimed at liberating Gracemeria.[19] By late December, Emmeria had regained control Khesed Island. On January 26, 2016, the Emmerian military launched the Rargom Beach offensive, in which the Emmerian Navy carrier CVN-30 indirectly participated in the operation by launching aircraft.[20] In February, CVN-30 played a similar role during the San Loma Assault and assault on the Aerial Fleet.[21] During the latter operation, the Aigaion and the Aerial Fleet were shot down.[22] On March 31, CVN-30 also participated in Operation Free Gracemeria and Emmerian forces managed to sink the Estovakian South Sea Fleet carrier stationed in the King's Bay.[23] The following day, CVN-30 was deployed to the Razgriz Straits during the assault on the Chandelier.[24]

In 2019, the Kingdom of Erusea declared war on the Osean Federation and used container launched drones to cripple numerous ports and aircraft carriers across the Osean mainland. However, the OFS Kestrel II and a new OFS Vulture managed to survive. In retaliation, Kestrel II was deployed to attack the Erusean capital.[25] Following the failed first attack, the Kestrel II and Vulture participated in a two-front offensive, during which the Kestrel II was sunk amidst its second attack on Farbanti.[26] On August 10, the Long Range Strategic Strike Group sunk the Erusean aircraft carrier Njörðr at Snider's Top.[27] In September, the LRSSG hunted down and sunk the submersible aviation cruiser Alicorn during Operation Fisherman.[28] Sometime during the war, the OFS Admiral Andersen ran aground near the city-state of Selatapura. The carrier was later used by Strider Squadron after they shot down the final Arsenal Bird on October 31. The following day, Strider launched to shoot down two ADF-11F Ravens around the International Space Elevator.[29]

Assault Horizon universe

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A United States Navy aircraft carrier helped transfer North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces from Africa to Dubai.

During the New Russian Federation uprising, the Russian Navy's aircraft carrier in the Black Sea was seized by the New Russian Federation along with many other ships. It was later sunk by Task Force 108 and Russian Loyalists during an operation to rescue the Russian Prime Minister, who was being held hostage by the fleet.

In early 2016, two USN aircraft carriers were deployed in efforts to find Andrei Markov and his remaining forces within the Caribbean.[30]

Infinity universe

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The United Nations Forces had at least one aircraft carrier.

The USEA Federation acquired a number of aircraft carriers during their uprising, either from Wernher and Noah Enterprises or from nations that supported the group. They were most often seen supporting forces away from the Eurasian Continent. During Operation Eternal Liberation, the group would deploy no less than four in its attempt to seize or destroy Comona Base in the West Indies.

Known Units

Operator Carrier(s) Picture
Osean Maritime Defense Force

OFS Kestrel
OFS Vulture (Hubert-class)
OFS Buzzard
OFS Barbet
OFS Admiral Andersen
OFS Vulture (Nimitz-class)
OFS Kestrel II

OFS Vulture AC7 Low Angle.jpg
Yuktobanian Navy Admiral Tsanev
Scinfaxi (submersible carrier)
Hrimfaxi (submersible carrier)
Yk adm.tsanev3.png
Erusean Royal Navy Geofon
Alicorn (submersible aviation cruiser)
Aircraft carrier Njörðr.png
Republic of Emmeria Navy CVN-30 Emmerian Navy Aircraft Carrier.jpg
Belkan Navy Njord
Estovakian Navy Unnamed Nimitz-class carrier
Kraken (non-canon)
Estovakian South Sea Fleet Carrier.png
Aurelian Navy Unnamed Kitty Hawk-class carrier Aurelian carrier.jpg
Leasath Naval Forces Unnamed Kitty Hawk-class carrier Leasathian carrier.jpg
IUN Peacekeeping Force Albatross (FCU carrier) Albatross Fort Grays Damaged AC7.jpg
ISAF Navy CV-04 Fort Grace
Unnamed Kitty Hawk-class carrier
Usean Allied Forces White Valley
Unnamed Invincible-class carrier
Phoenix (non-canon)
White Valley Aircraft Carrier.jpg
Usean Rebel Forces Arquette Arquette.jpg
General Resource Limited Unnamed Nimitz-class carrier GR Nimitz.jpg
Neucom Incorporated Carrier of unknown class Neucomcv.png
United States Navy CVN-30 Nimitz Class Carrier.png
New Russian Federation Admiral Aristov Aircraft carier Admiral Aristov.jpg



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