Akerson Hill is a rural area located on the northern coast of the Osean continent's westernmost peninsula, east of Cape Landers. The airspace above Akerson Hill is covered by the Osean Coastal Defense Force's anti-aircraft system.


Akerson Hill features rolling hills and plains and is bordered by the Ceres Ocean to the north. Although Akerson's equatorial climate makes it a productive agricultural region, the peninsula is prone to occasional oceanic storms. The area's high winds prompted construction of electric generator windmills along Akerson's northern coastline.[1]


Circum-Pacific War

On October 22, 2010, Akerson Hill's AA defense system fired upon and damaged an Osean transport plane designated "Mother Goose One". The transport, which had not been transmitting an IFF signature, was on a top secret mission to deliver Osean President Harling to peace negotiations with the Yuktobanian Prime Minister at North Point. Wardog Squadron, which was performing a routine air patrol of Akerson Hill, escorted Mother Goose One through the AA system's coverage and helped the transport perform an emergency landing. The occupants of Mother Goose One were later rescued by the 8492nd Squadron, which relieved Wardog.[1]



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