"Looks like they want to eliminate anyone who knows about the Golden Axe Plan."

Alarm Clock is the 18th mission in Ace Combat: Joint Assault.


Burford: I'll debrief you on the operation. First, let me thank you for choosing to join us. After the op in Central Asia we left the IUPF and came here to the Midway Islands by company ship. After resupplying here we will fly on to the United States. As some of our own men may be involved in the Golden Axe Plan, we're operating entirely in secret. Please understand this means we may have to operate without adequate repairs or supplies. I have managed to make arrangements with someone we can trust to have company ground forces --  What was that? Report! (Martinez Security soldier: We are under attack! Unknown hostile forces have surrounded the island!) They dont miss a beat... Antares, they are here to eradicate all who know the truth about the Golden Axe Plan. We can't allow that to happen! We must reach U.S. land and stop their plan! Everyone, roll out!



Antares Squadron is tasked with repelling off the surprise air attack on their base at Midway Island and defending AWACS Canopus. The enemy is composed of multiple MiG-29A Fulcrums but the real threat are the large Orgoi that can bomb the AWACS. In the first part, there would be the first out of two waves of MiG-29s. When 4 of them are destroyed, the first Orgoi will appear and will go on an attack run. After the bomb ports are destroyed, another wave of MiG-29s will spawn. The Orgoi will circle around for another attack run.After this one, its engines can be locked on. Once both are down, it will plummet down to the deep below

Mission Update

In the mission update, Antares is requested to escort a flotilla of supply ships, call-sign 'Orca', to the island. Whilst approaching the flotilla, a second Orgoi will spawn to the south of the flotilla, attempting to bomb it. After the first two bomb ports are destroyed, a third Orgoi will spawn to the north at high altitude, both now shifting their attention to the AWACS. Be mindful that the health of the AWACS from the first part will remain the same moving on the second part.

After the bomb ports of both large aircraft are destroyed, the AWACS will not be attacked again as the two Orgoi form up and their engines can now be targeted. Their AA guns will be fairly accurate so it is advised to use hit and run tactics in attacking them. Once one of the Orgoi have both engines destroyed, another set of engines will spawn and the Orgoi will now perform death-defying maneuvers. They will also launch high performance SAMs in between these attacks, but these should be easy to evade as they are slow. Once an Orgoi's engines are both destroyed, it will be completely destroyed, leaving one left. Do the same for the last Orgoi and the mission will be completed.

Named Aces

C-17 Express - spawns to the west when the first Orgoi appears


AWACS Canopus' health (MPG bar) must be at least 90% upon the completion of the mission.


Burford: Hostile forces have been destroyed. Excellent work, Antares. We're safe, for now. But this has made several things clear. For one, whoever's behind the Golden Axe Plan wants us dead. Second, the plan extends into our own company and military. We've also received reliable intel from our supply line that the Golden Axe Plan is set to hit San Francisco. There's suspicious activity at an abandoned airport in Nevada and sightings of the giant aerial base. The largest city in the vicinity is San Francisco, where Olivieri Life Insurance is located. After resupplying, we're heading stateside. Our target--the Golden Axe Plan's private army.


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