For the Ace Combat Zero ace with the callsign Albatros, see Berti Vogt.

The Albatross was a Central Usean[1] aircraft carrier that was deployed as part of the IUN Peacekeeping Force at Fort Grays Island during Free Erusea's uprising in 2014 and the Lighthouse War.


The Albatross was deployed on May 28, 2014 during the IUN's Operation Scramble at Fort Grays Island, where Mobius and Omega Squadrons took off from the carrier to intercept Free Erusea aircraft.[2]

On May 15, 2019, she was moored at Fort Grays during a surprise air raid by Erusean bombers and was heavily damaged in the attack. Despite efforts to save her, she sank at her berthing and was deemed a total loss.[3]



  • In E3 2017's gameplay footage, briefing images incorrectly labelled the Vulture as the Albatross.[4] This was partially fixed in later versions of the game.
  • The aircraft carrier is named after the albatross, a large seabird.
  • In Charge Assault, while not marked on the HUD, Albatross still counts as a friendly unit and will throw a friendly fire warning if it is hit by player-launched weapons.