For the Ace Combat Zero ace with the callsign Albatros, see Berti Vogt.

The OFS Albatross is a aircraft carrier of the Osean Maritime Defense Force.


The Albatross was part of an international force guarding the International Space Elevator. It was stationed in Gunther Sound when the Kingdom of Erusea attacked and seized the Space Elevator. The Albatross was one of the few ships to escape the attack, though it lost all of its aircraft. The carrier later rendezvoused with Osean Air Defense Force fighters from Fort Grays Island to launch Operation Dual Wielder.[1]


  • In E3 2017's gameplay footage, the Albatross was misidentified in the briefing dialogue as the Vulture, an Osean aircraft carrier that was sunk during Operation Whalebird by the Scinfaxi.[1] The images on the right of the briefing screen confirmed the carrier's name is actually Albatross.
  • The aircraft carrier is named after the albatross, a large seabird.


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