"We knights are blessed by the heavens, you don't stand a chance against us!"
― Albert Wahlberg

Albert Wahlberg was a pilot of the Usean Allied Forces before defecting to the Usean Rebel Forces the during the Usean coup d'état. He was the leader of the Lancer Squadron.[1]


Early life[]

Not much is known about his earlier career, though it is known he was the son of a Major General. This is what led him to join the military, though his fierce sense of justice and desire to revolt led him to join the rebels.[2]

Usean coup d'état[]

In the early stages of the rebellion; Wahlberg and his squadron had been patrolling the Lambert Mountains and had shot down multiple Allied aircraft. Once the Scarface Squadron had entered the airspace and took out Rebel Forces there, the Lancers engaged the squadron, believing that he and his squad would have no problems disposing of such mercenaries. Although he and his squad fought valiantly; they were no match for the prowess of the squadron and were shot down. His fate remains a mystery.[3]


His pedigree had groomed him to have a deep-set interest in the well-being of his country. People had suggested that he was more cut out for politics than the military.[2]

Wahlberg had a bad habit of looking down his nose at people he'd just met.[2]