The Albireo Squadron was a unit formerly part of the Federal Erusea Air Force and later the Usean Allied Forces. Albireo defected to the Usean Rebel Forces during the Usean coup d'état. The unit was led by Edgar Grint.


Their namesake Albireo is the fifth brightest star of the constellation Beta Cygni, a binary star system, and is located in the "nose" part of the Cygnus Constellation. Cygni means Swan in Latin, which is reflected in the squadron's emblem.


The squadron was part of the Federal Erusea Air Force before joining the Usean Allied Forces at some point before the Usean coup d'état, though their deployment history before the war is uncertain.[1]

On August 30, 1998, Albireo Squadron was deployed to Snider's Top to engage the Scarface Squadron after the rebels' 1st Fleet and XB-10 bombers were destroyed. In a heated confrontation, the squadron was defeated, with Grint being killed in action.[2]

The fates of the other three members after the battle are uncertain.


  • It's impossible to shoot down Albireo Squadron's leader unless the other three members are defeated, attacking the leader will only render him "severely damaged" as his icon on radar turns red.
  • The squadron uses a similar strategy to the "GrauWespe Tactics". Instead of the flight lead acting as bait for the enemy, the latter chases the enemy from behind while the other members of the squadron act as a distraction. It is likely that this tactic was adopted from the GrauWespe Squadron, the unit known to invent the strategy.