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Aldair Carlos Nascimento is the Chief Executive Officer of General Resource Limited.


Early life[]

Nascimento was born on July 21, 1964 and had finished his studies at Pehjing University's Department of Economics. Just after his graduation he found work at General Resource, rising his way up the corporate ladder.[citation needed]

Nemo simulation[]

Nascimento contacted SARF Commander Gilbert Park via the Electrosphere Network after the latter ordered the downing of the R-505U near the Lambert Mountains because he suspected that Fiona Chris Fitzgerald and Gabriel W. Clarkson were spies for Neucom. Nascimento berated the general for killing Clarkson because he needed him alive.

In his later years, Nascimento had undergone several heart transplants, the last one being an artificial one developed by his own company at his personal request. However, just before his 76th birthday, he died by acute heart failure, due to a system malfunction in the software that powered his artificial heart. (This malfunction was possibly attributed to Ouroboros, where Gilbert Park was a member of even before the Usean Corporate War).


  • "Nascimento" is a common surname in Portuguese, meaning birth.