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For the mission, see Alect Squadron (mission).

The Alect Squadron was an elite fighter squadron comprised of some of Leasath's best pilots; the squadron ranked among the Leasath Air Force's highest ranked groups, along with the Chimera Squadron.[1] They were skilled pilots in combat, although they seemed to be quite overconfident in battle and towards allies.[2]


Nothing is known about Alect Squadron prior to the liberation of Griswall, but their reputation leads to the assumption that they had participated in the early stages of the war.[1]

Near the end of the war, the squadron was contacted by Diego Gaspar Navarro to pilot his new experimental aircraft, the Fenrir. While Aurelia was dealing with the HPM weapon that was to be mounted on Fenrir, the squadron reached Archelon Fortress and piloted the new aircraft. Shortly after the Gryphus and Aquila Squadrons had entered the airspace, Alect Squadron was deployed to engage the Aurelian forces in the area along with several other Leasathian aircraft. Despite the squadron's superior capabilities, all members were shot down. This was Alect's last known activity in the war.[3]


  • The Alect Squadron's S-32 paint scheme is similar to the one used by the Razgriz Squadron (black with red tips).
  • Before the release of Ace Combat Infinity's "End Of Deception Ranking Tournament", the squadron was never designated an emblem.
  • Alect is a translation error or stylization of Alecto. Alecto is one of the Erinye or "Furies" in Greek mythology. The function of Alecto is castigating moral crimes against other human beings, similar to Nemesis whose duty is castigating crimes against the gods. In the mythology, Alecto is depicted as a female. This is further supported by the emblem of Alect Squadron that depicts a female winged figure. This is confirmed by a beta build of Ace Combat X referring to Alect Squadron as the "Alecto Squadron" in the subtitles.