Aleksei Cheshenko, callsign Strigon 2, was a member of the Estovakian Air Force's elite Central Forces Precinct 370th Air Aviation Regiment, 9th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Strigon Team.[1]

Aleksei Cheshenko had mastered the failings of every major enemy air force and this provided him with a very versatile skillset in combat situations.[1]


Early life

Before the onset of the Estovakian Civil War, Cheshenko carried out combat research as a member of an Estovakian aggressor squadron.[1]

Estovakian Civil War

During the civil war he was initially a member of the Northern Highlands Faction, but was later reassigned to the Vampire Team after his defeat at the hands of the Eastern Faction's Strigon Team.[1]

Him and Ilya Pasternak shared a continually fuelled rivalry. However, despite this, Cheshenko held great respect for Pasternak's skills as a pilot and flew as his right-hand man during the civil war.[1]

Emmeria-Estovakia War

During the Emmeria-Estovakia War, he was reassigned from the Vampire Team to the Strigon Team after the latter saw major losses following the Assault on the Aerial Fleet.

After Operation Free Gracemeria, him along with the surviving Strigon members retreated back to Estovakia where they worked with Gustav Dvornik to bring his Chandelier operation to fruition. The Strigon survivors would be temporarily stationed at the Chandelier.

On April 1, 2016, the Republic of Emmeria Air Force launched their attack on the Chandelier. Aleksei Cheshenko would lead one of the two Chandelier Defense Team squads as a four-man formation, the other squad being led by Yaroslav Deryagin. In the end, the Chandelier Defensive Operation proved unsuccessful and the weapon fell that day resulting in an Emmerian victory to the war.[1][2]



  • Aleksei Cheshenko is the second pilot to sport the callsign Strigon 2 during the Emmeria-Estovakia War, the first being Darijo Kovac.


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