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"It's them...They've dragged us all into this—the Wardog ghosts, the Ghosts of Razgriz."
― Major Allen C. Hamilton[3]

Major Allen C. Hamilton (アレンC.ハミルトン Aren C. Hamiruton) was an Osean Air Defense Force officer and the adjutant base commander of Sand Island Air Force Base. He was also a member of the 596th Unit[4] and a former member of the 8492nd Squadron[5]. Hamilton possessed a cool demeanor and rarely fraternized with the airmen stationed at the base.


Early life

Hamilton was born in the Osean Federation in 1982.[6] His uncle, who served in an unspecified military force, inspired Hamilton to enlist in the armed forces and joined the Osean Air Defense Force.[7] He was once assigned to the 8492nd Squadron, a covert OADF unit comprised of Osean and Belkan pilots.[2] At some point, he became the adjutant base commander of Sand Island Air Force Base.

Circum-Pacific War

In September 2010, Hamilton retrieved reporter Albert Genette's camera after it was confiscated by base security; he was the first to inform Genette of Yuktobania's declaration of war against Osea.[7] The next day, he "pulled a few strings" and assigned Genette to the Osean press corps.

A few weeks later, he warned Genette against taking video of base commander Colonel Orson Perrault following the detonation of a bomb aboard the Arkbird, due to Perrault's sour mood.[8]

After Wardog survived being ambushed over the Vladimir Mountains, the Grey Men exploited Hamilton's connections to the 8492nd and convinced Perrault that Wardog's members were traitors. Kei Nagase, upon learning of his allegiance, knocked Hamilton unconscious and escaped before he could apprehend her and Blaze.[2] All of Wardog, alongside Pops, Genette, and Kirk, managed to escape Sand Island in commandeered training jets. Hamilton, having regained consciousness, sent out a bulletin to all Osean aircraft ordering them to shoot down Wardog on sight. The 8492nd Squadron later located the fugitives, and Hamilton gave clearance to engage. Following the 8492nd's failure to track Wardog through the volcanic Solo Islands, Captain Marcus Snow, arriving from the OFS Kestrel, questioned the shoot-down order, and Hamilton reaffirmed it. Snow shot down all of the pilots, "confirming" them as KIA.[9]


Hamilton in his MiG-1.44 over Sudentor

"I'm going to take the Belkan nuke and terrify both sides into ending this foolish war! Don't get in my way!"
― Major Allen C. Hamilton[3]

On December 30, Hamilton, flying a MiG-1.44, joined the militant Osean forces at Sudentor in a battle for the last Belkan tactical nuclear weapon. Upon discovering Razgriz Squadron was in the airspace, he ordered all aircraft to concentrate fire on them. When the Razgriz entered the tunnel facility to destroy the SOLG's control modules, Hamilton pursued and continued to fire upon them.[3] He was ultimately hit by a ricocheting aircraft that had followed Jack Bartlett in from the other end, killing him instantly.[10]



  • Although the hangar description of MiG-1.44 -Hamilton- and Hamilton's character summary in Aces At War: A History[5] confirmed him to be a spy involved in the plotting of the Circum-Pacific War, he has not been directly confirmed to be of Belkan descent.
  • During his introduction in "ACES", Hamilton says, "We're going to put an end to all wars once and for all!" In a way, this could show he had similar ideals to those of A World With No Boundaries, who aimed for world peace through the removal of superficial national borders.
  • Ripped audio files from Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War reveal that, at one point during development, the player was able to get on Hamilton's 6 o'clock, implying the ability to shoot him down. Hamilton also has an unused death scream.[11]
  • Hamilton's death is a possible reference to the defeat of Darth Vader in the first Star Wars film, in which his TIE Advanced x1 is struck by one of his own wingmen while trying to evade Han Solo.