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===Before the Circum-Pacific War===
===Before the Circum-Pacific War===
'''Allen Hamilton''' was born somewhere in North Osea, in the region of South Belka during 1982 that was on [[Belkan]] rule.
'''Allen Hamilton''' was born somewhere in North Osea, in the region of South Belka during 1982 that was under [[Belkan]] rule.
===Circum-Pacific War===
===Circum-Pacific War===
====War Declaration====
====War Declaration====

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"I'm going to take the Belkan nuke and terrify both sides into ending this foolish war! Don't get in my way!!"
― Allen C. Hamilton

Captain Allen C. Hamilton (アレンC.ハミルトン Aren C. Hamiruton) was the Adjutant Base Commander of the Osean Federation's Sand Island Air Force Base from the Osean Air Defense Force and Captain in the 596th Squadron. Reasonable and cool in demeanor, this elite officer rarely associated with the airmen.


Before the Circum-Pacific War

Allen Hamilton was born somewhere in North Osea, in the region of South Belka during 1982 that was under Belkan rule.

Circum-Pacific War

War Declaration

Hamilton was first seen in journalist Albert Genette's room at Sand Island, being informed of the recent Yuktobania's declaration of war. Genette, whose camera and photos had been confiscated by base security, and was subsequently barred from leaving the island, was thankful to Hamilton for arranging to have his camera returned to him, and noted the contrast in personality between him and the curmudgeonly Sand Island Base Commander Orson Perrault.

Wardog Plot

After the Operation Doodlebug, the 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Wardog" returned to Sand Island Air Force Base. It was then learned that Hamilton once assigned to the Grabacr Squadron and was in league with the Belkan Grey Men. Hamilton convinced the aforementioned Colonel Orson Perrault, the commander of the Sand Island AFB, that the Wardog pilots were traitors. It is knowed that Blaze alongside Kei Nagase knocked him out afterwards with a sharp blow to the face.

The base was ordered to shoot the pilots on sight. But the Wardog Squadron managed to escape into the air with Hawk T1 training jets alongside Wolfgang Buchner/Peter N. Beagle. Hamilton then ordered every allied aircraft in the area to shoot down them. The Belkan Grabacr Squadron pursued Wardog, but lost them in a volcanic island and disengaged. AWACS Thunderhead vectored Captain Marcus Snow (Callsign Swordsman) from the Naval Air Force onto their position. Swordsman shot their planes down after signaling the pilots to eject, and after being confirmed that no survivors were found. The pilots were taken to Captain Andersen's aircraft carrier, OFS Kestrel, by the Sea Goblin rescue team and it was officially that they were identified as KIA.

Battle of Sudentor

Hamilton was killed in action during the assault on the Grunder Industries tunnel storage, manufacturing and SOLG control system facility in the Battle of Sudentor, after he pursued Wardog into the underground tunnel. His aircraft, a MiG-1.44, was hit mistakenly by a Grey Men's Su-47 which was following Jack Bartlett.


  • Hamilton's death (being struck by a ricocheting aircraft in a trench run) is a possible reference to the defeat of Darth Vader in the first Star Wars film, in which Vader's ship was struck by a ricocheting TIE Fighter whilst flying through the narrow Death Star trench.
  • An interesting fact about him is his origins. While some documents (probably falsified for facilitate his infiltration) officially show him as Osean born, he is in fact South Belkan (it was born there when it was in the Principality of Belka's rule during 1982), which can be interpreted from association with the Grey Men and a line where he mentions 'reuniting his homeland to the North'. This can also be interpreted as his motivation for joining the Belkan Grey Men rather than just revenge, as he stated in the tunnel that the current war was foolish.
  • Hamilton may have shared the ideals of terrorist group A Word With No Boundaries, judging by his lines during his final battle ('We'll put an end to all wars once and for all!') that were similar to the spoken by several members of the aforementioned organization.
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