Allied Attack

Player triggering Allied Attack

"Teamwork's a beautiful thing, ain't it?"
Warlock Battalion soldier[1]

Allied Support is a gameplay concept introduced in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. It is designed with the purpose of emphasizing player-allied forces cooperation, allowing pilots to simultaneously target entire groups of enemies for a coordinated allied strike.


Located next to the radar is a gray bar divided into five sections. As progress in operations is achieved, the bar will gradually fill. Once level 3 has been reached, the bar will turn blue, indicating that Allied Support can be enabled.

AS commands are triggered by holding either of the up/down d-pad buttons, thus effectively doubling as an extension of the player's commands. Whenever a support command is issued, all (or most) enemies in front or behind the player's general direction will be marked with a green arrow, indicating that they have been "tagged" as targets for allied aircraft. The available commands are:

  • Allied Attack, triggered by the Up button, which targets most enemies in front of the player; and
  • Allied Cover, triggered by the Down button, which marks most or all airborne enemies behind the player.

The "Ace of Aces" DLC missions elaborate on the Allied Support system, implementing a new system named "Counter-Charge" (see page image), which must be filled by destroying as many enemies as possible in a certain allotted time.