The Alma River is a river in eastern Emmeria, north of the capital city Gracemeria. The river is one of Gracemeria's main water sources.[2]


It was a fjord surrounded by thick forests and vegetation, with bridges connecting the north and south sections of the valley. The western area of the river housed the military base Fort Norton, while a mining site known as the Razuriz Mine was built on its eastern areas.[3]


Towards the end of the Emmeria-Estovakia War, a shipment of catalysts for chemical weapons was stored by Estovakia at Fort Norton, intending to use them on Gracemeria if the Emmerian military continued their advance. On May 26 of 2016, the catalysts and their transport vehicles were destroyed by the Garuda Team in a low-level infiltration of the area.[1]

Following the infiltration, a large aerial battle ensued between the Garuda Team and the Estovakian Air Force. During the battle, multiple Emmerian Air Force reinforcements arrived to support the lone squadron. In the end, the Emmerians emerged victorious.[1]



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