For the HARD version of this mission, see Alps Air Corridor (HARD).

Alps Air Corridor is a multiplayer mission in Ace Combat Infinity. It takes place over the Alps, where the players are working together to assault a fortress in the region.

In-Game Description

Attack the enemy fortress located in the Alps Mountains. Construction on the fortress started during the Second World War, with secret expansions continuing through the Cold War. The vast underground facility caught the attention of the enemy, and resulted in further construction of a ground facility to provide protection from bombing. Continuing our advance while leaving this play creates the risk of a surprise attack. Due to its subterranean structure and the nature of terrain, a guerrilla style response from the enemy expected. Remain alert at all times.


Alpha Team spawns near the United Nations Forces ground units advancing from the west side of the fortress, while Bravo Team spawns near the UNF ground units on the east side. Both sides have mainly ground targets with one "SP" ground target in each checkpoint. Air enemies are random. Players may encounter Su-27s and MiG-29As in the middle point between the two enemy lines, or SP F-15Es and Typhoons flying in pairs which begin above each checkpoint.

After the emergency mission update, the second stage of enemies are concentrated around the highest mount in the area. The ground units here have formidable anti aircraft capability. In the sky, mixed squadrons of F-14Ds, Gripen Cs, and SP F-15 S/MTDs will appear after the mission update. Players may also find SP Tu-95s flying at high altitude, but they are not required to get an S-rank for the mission as the enemies on the ground and the jet fighters present at the lower altitude are already sufficient to get an S-rank.

The mission ends after all hostiles in the area are destroyed or the timer runs down to zero.


E or D Rank

Enemy losses were limited to forces above ground, with the subterranean facility and the forces stationed there remaining almost unharmed. Creating a defensive perimeter around the fortress is going to require a more serious commitment of troops on our part.

C or B Rank

While some enemy forces do remain in the fortress, their attack capabilities have been weakened. Command HQ is considering whether or not another attack is required in order to secure the rear of our forces.

A Rank

Our air assault has completely shutdown all enemy activity in the vicinity of the fortress. Although the status of the deepest areas remains unknown, there is surely nothing left that can threaten our forces.

S Rank

Your rapid and precise air attack has been successful, with recon reporting zero enemy activity in the vicinity of the fortress or in the subterranean sections. It will be a long time before the fortress is functional again.


  • The background music of this mission is "Deep Strike" from Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies Original Soundtrack.
  • The mission is heavily based on Bartolomeo Fortress from Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, the only differences are the absence of Gun trains on the bridges, destructible non-weapon buildings, ground-based hostile ESM transmitters, and Strigon Squadron planes. The hostile ESM jammers occasionally show up in a mission update, strengthening this similarity.


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