Altoora Desert is seen in Ace Combat 2. Altoora Desert is located in the deserted northern area of USEA, next to the east of Sandbury Desert. In 1998, it was verified by Unified Command as the location of the Usean Rebel Force's elemental particle research lab, codenamed Pancake.


Usean Rebellion

After Scarface One successfully detected and destroyed insurgent B-2 and hostile garrisons set at White Valley Air Base, Unified Command immediately received report about the existence of the Usean insurgents' elementary particle laboratory that managed the communication plane. Scarface Team was dispatched to Altoora Desert to locate & destroy the 8 reported research structures. This lab was well-guarded by the rebels' air force and heavily defended with underground SAM missile system (thus rendering them indestructible.) The Pancake was also defended by multiple aircraft, including multiple four-craft RAH-66A rotorcraft teams located on the outskirts of the base. Despite tough resistance, Pancake was completely destroyed by Scarface.