"You can call me Alyosha...that's not my real name, of course. I'm so glad you actually's just like he said."
― Alyosha to Razgriz Squadron[1]

Alyosha (real name unknown) was the codename and callsign of a leading member of the Yuktobanian resistance. It is presumed that he was a college-aged student who, like other Resistance members, opposed the military regime that usurped control of the government from Prime Minister Seryozha Viktrovich Nikanor.


Alyosha was born in Yuktobania sometime in the early 1990s. At some point in 2010, he joined the resistance movement—comprised of intellectuals and other students—that opposed the nation's ruling military regime (though whether that included Nikanor's administration or just the wartime government remains unclear).[2]

Sometime between December 10–16, Alyosha's cell acquired the nuclear warhead that had been intended for use by the Belkan aggressors stationed in Yuktobania. Alyosha and his associates proceeded to transport the nuclear device to their headquarters in Payavlenie Ravine for dismantlement. Captain Jack Bartlett, who had joined the Resistance following his escape from military custody, covertly relayed the base's coordinates to the OFS Kestrel and assured Alyosha that friendly aircraft would arrive to support them.[2]

On December 16, 2010, the Yuktobanian Army's Varyag Special Forces unit began scouring the ravine in an attempt to recover the warhead and eliminate the Resistance. At approximately 1503hrs, Alyosha made radio contact with Razgriz Squadron, which had arrived in response to Bartlett's nondescript message. While the Razgriz fighters kept the Yuktobanian forces occupied, Alyosha and his comrades set about dismantling the warhead.[1]

After the warhead was disarmed, Alyosha and his fellow Resistance fighters boarded their submarine and prepared to discard the bomb's components in the frigid waters of the Fuscum Sea.[3] Before departing, Alyosha passed along a message for Blaze that Bartlett had given him, which revealed that Bartlett was still alive.[2]


  • "Alyosha" is the diminutive form of the Russian male name Aleksei, which translates into English as "defender of mankind".