Amber, officially the Republic of Amber,[1] is a country located in western Usea near the Federal Republic of Erusea.

Due to the location of the Amber Mountains near Usea's western seaboard, it can be extrapolated that Amber's territory either encompasses the mountain range or is bordered by it.[2]


Usean coup d'état (1997-1998)[]

During the Usean coup d'état, the Usean Rebel Forces converted an abandoned castle in the Amber Mountains (dubbed "The Keep") into a supply base for launching attacks against the Usean Allied Forces. On April 14, 1998, Scarface Squadron was dispatched to destroy the rebel forces stationed there, allowing the Allies to regain control of the mountains soon after.[3][4]

On May 22, Phoenix was sent to intercept a flight of rebel reconnaissance aircraft before they could escape the area surrounding the Amber Mountains.[5][6]

Continental War (2003-2005)[]

Due to its close proximity to Erusea, Amber was at the forefront of Erusean hostilities throughout the 1990s. The nationalist Erusean government was extremely militaristic and publicly supported the expansion of Erusea's domain. By 1996, the Erusea was mobilizing its armed forces near the Amber-Ugellas border. Although they did not invade, the Eruseans' posturing prompted the Federation of Central Usea to station its forces along the border region to safeguard Amber and neighboring Ugellas. The FCU forces would eventually be recalled from Amber following President Sinclair's announcement of the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid's approach.[1]

Soon after the Ulysses Impact Event, Amber was one of the Usean nations that took action to address the refugee crisis. As a member of the Central Usea Treaty Organization (UTO), Amber admitted and sheltered an unknown number of Usean refugees. When Erusea launched its invasion of San Salvacion and Stonehenge in August 2003, it presumed that Amber allied itself with the ISAF. Regardless, Amber soon fell under Erusean control following the ISAF's retreat to the east. One of the final engagements of the Continental War would be fought in the Whiskey Corridor between the Amber and Lambert Mountains.[7]

Intercorporate War (2040)[]

Amber's status during the simulated Intercorporate War is unknown. In 2040 at the height of the conflict between General Resource Limited and Neucom Incorporated, UPEO A.I. pilot Nemo was dispatched to attack a Neucom missile-launch facility in the Amber Mountains before it could be used to strike cities under GR's control.[8]