The Amber Mountains are a mountain range located near the west coast of the Usean continent. Together with the Lambert Mountains to the north and east, the Amber Mountains form a geological "wall" that extends across Usea.


The Amber Mountains' rugged terrain makes them nearly impenetrable to ground forces. The Whiskey Corridor, a narrow stretch of arid land located to the northeast, is one of the only accessible routes between them and the Lambert Mountains to the north.[2] Due to their name, it is believed that the Amber Mountains are either located in or border the Republic of Amber.


Usean coup d'état

Early stages

During the Usean coup d'état, the Usean Rebel Forces converted an abandoned castle in the Amber Mountains (dubbed "The Keep") into a food and munitions supply base for launching attacks against the Usean Allied Forces. On April 14, 1998, Scarface Squadron, flying its first sortie of the war as a unit led by Phoenix, was dispatched to destroy the rebel forces within the castle walls, thereby weakening the rebels' hold on the area and allowing the Allies to regain control of the mountains soon after.[1][3]

Middle stages

On May 22, 1998, an Allied reconnaissance satellite detected a flight of rebel reconnaissance planes passing through the Amber Mountains' airspace. Phoenix was sent to intercept the rebel aircraft before they could escape the area. Despite the difficulty of maintaining his fighter's stability at the extremely high altitudes in which the rebel aircraft were operating, Phoenix was able to complete the mission, successfully destroying all the recon planes and their bomber escorts.[4][5]

Intercorporate War

During the simulated Intercorporate War, UPEO A.I. pilot Nemo was dispatched to attack a Neucom missile-launch facility in the Amber Mountains before it could be used to strike cities under General Resource Limited's control.[6]



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