The Amber Mountains are a mountain range located near the west coast of the Usean continent. They extend from the northwestern coast between Farbanti and Cape Rainy to the Gunther region.[3] The range also includes some mountain peaks located directly north of Gunther.[1]


The Amber Mountains' rugged terrain makes them nearly impassible for people on foot, including ground troops. The Whiskey Corridor, a narrow stretch of arid land, is one of the only accessible routes between the Amber Mountains and the Lambert Mountains north of them.[4]

The land formerly belonging to the Grand Duchy of Shilage is located in the Amber Mountains.[5] "The Keep"—an abandoned castle[1]—and later a Neucom Incorporated missile launch facility are both also located in the mountain range.[6]

Other territories that are believed to be within or near the Amber Mountains include the Republic of Amber (due to the name similarity),[7] the Independent State of Ugellas (due to its proximity to Amber),[7] and the former Republic of Voslage (due to its proximity to Shilage).[5]


Usean coup d'état

The Keep

"The Keep"

During the Usean coup d'état, the Usean Rebel Forces converted "The Keep" into a food and munitions supply base. They used this base as a front line for their attacks against the Usean Allied Forces.[1][8]

On April 14, 1998, the Usean Allied Forces dispatched Scarface Squadron to destroy the rebel forces within the castle walls. The operation was a success and Scarface weakened the rebels' strength.[1][8]

A month later, on May 22, an Allied satellite detected a flight of rebel aircraft[note 1] flying over the Amber Mountains, en route to an Allied base. Allied fighters engaged the rebels at high altitude and shot them down.[2][9]

Lighthouse War

Shilage Castle

Shilage Castle

In the final stages of the Lighthouse War, Osea and Erusea knocked out each other's satellite capabilities over Usea, plunging the continent into chaos. Osea's Long Range Strategic Strike Group, stranded on the continent, flew over the Amber Mountains to attack Shilage Castle. Their goal was to capture the castle's supplies to last longer while awaiting relief from Osea. Trigger engaged Sol Squadron as the latter attempted to defend the castle; all Sol pilots either were shot down by Trigger or retreated.[5]

Intercorporate War

Amber Mountains launch facility in Ace Combat 3

Neucom's missile launch facility

During the simulated Intercorporate War, Nemo can choose to join General Resource Limited and can also choose to save Keith Bryan from a large formation of fighters during a mission in White Valley. If Nemo makes both of these decisions, then the General Resource Defense Force sends Nemo and Keith to preemptively bomb Neucom's missile launch facility.[6]



  1. In Ace Combat 2, the formation consisted of SR-71 Blackbirds for reconnaissance and XB-70s for bombing.[9] In Assault Horizon Legacy, the formation consisted of SR-71s and U-2s, both for reconnaissance, but Ulrich Olsen falsely indicated that bombers were among them.[2]


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