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The Ambush at Danern Straits was a conflict that took place over the Danern Straits.[1]


As Aurelia was preparing for the final battle of the Aurelian War, a Leasathian fleet was heading towards Archelon Fortress via the Danern Straits to strengthen the defenses there. The fleet's movement was detected by Aurelian military satellites and the Gryphus and Falco Squadrons were deployed shortly after.[1]


The squadrons engaged the first wave of enemy ships after arriving at the Danern Straits. Shortly after, they engaged the second wave of ships. F-35 Lightning IIs and two Leasathian aces, callsigns Comet and Spider, were quickly deployed to engage the two squadrons. After the second wave of ships were sunk, Gryphus and Falco Squadrons engaged the final wave of enemy ships. After a long and hectic air-sea battle, all Leasathian forces in the area were destroyed.[1]


With the fleet's loss, the enemy's hold over Archelon Fortress was weakened.[1]