All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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"The 8492nd Squadron aren't Yuktobanian spies?!"
Kei Nagase

The Ambush at Vladimir was an ambush on the Wardog Squadron set up by the 8492nd Squadron.


The Battle of Cruik Fortress had left the Yuktobanian capital city of Cinigrad open to the Osean forces; Cruik was the last Yuktobanian stronghold at that point. After capturing the fortress, the Osean Army made preparations for an attack on Cinigrad. Wardog Squadron prepared to return to Sand Island to refuel and rearm in preparation for future offensives.


After Wardog Squadron reached the Vladimir Mountains, AWACS Thunderhead gave them orders to follow the 8492nd to a tanker aircraft for aerial refueling. They followed the order, until the 8492nd vanished from radar. Belkan aircraft soon ambushed the Wardog Squadron in an attempt to prolong the war. Despite radar jamming and heavy resistance from Belkan fighters, Wardog was soon able to break through and withdraw from the airspace.


After breaking through the ambush, Wardog Squadron returned Sand Island Base for refueling. However, Hamilton, a former member of the 8492nd, was able to convince Perrault that the members of Wardog Squadron were spies. They were forced to escape from the air base in training jets, lead by their mechanic, former Belkan ace Wolfgang Buchner.