"Anchorhead is still gorgeous, even in the middle of battle."
Ulrich Olsen during Operation Anchorhead Freedom

Anchorhead is a harbor and port city located on the western coast of Usea, southwest of the Amber Mountains. As a harbor, Anchorhead was a major economic and trading hub on the west coast, as well as an important port of call for various Usean naval forces.


Usean Continental War

Anchorhead was a key supply port for the Usean Allied Forces before being captured and converted into a supply base for the Usean Rebel Forces' fleet, which included a Kinnear-class aircraft carrier. The rebels set up an extensive network of anti-aircraft defenses around the city to protect their fleet and the harbor facilities.[1]

Operation Anchorhead Freedom

On April 5, 1998, Phoenix was ordered to eliminate the rebel presence in Anchorhead and reclaim the city for the Allies. Despite heavy resistance, the rebel forces stationed in the city were destroyed, and the fleet was sunk. This opening allowed the Allies' ground forces to invade and liberate the city.[2][1]

Rebels' retreat

On May 22, Scarface Squadron was tasked with defending the city from a rebel bombing raid. The bombers and escort fighters were intercepted, and the raid on Anchorhead was successfully prevented.[3]



  • The original skyline of Anchorhead in Ace Combat 2 featured two skyscrapers that resemble the World Trade Center; these towers would be removed from the Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy and Assault Horizon Legacy + re-releases following the events of September 11, 2001.
  • During City On Fire, the rebels incorrectly refer to the location as "Axel Bay".


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