Ancient Walls is the 21st mission of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, but is treated as Mission 20 in-game.


Pops: All right, if there aren't any objections, then I'll take command of this air operation.

Briefing Officer: We're launching a rescue operation for the President of Osea within the Principality of Belka. The communications intelligence ship Andromeda received information that President Harling is being held in Belka. The location is an old castle, position on the southern edge of the borders on between Belka and North Osea. Sea Goblin, our helicopter squadron, will handle the direct rescue effort.

After securing the area, the helicopter will descend on the castle and drop our infiltrating rescue squad. It will keep stationed in the air while the rescue is taking place on the ground and in the castle. Your mission is to provide air support for the Sea Goblin's rescue operation and destroy any opposing enemy forces. Choose an aircraft for the mission from the Kestrel's carrier jets and prepare to launch.


At the start of the mission, the player, their wingmen and Sea Goblin will encounter a few SAM sites within Stier Castle (which are marked as TGTs). It must be destroyed for Sea Goblin's safe entry. Upon destruction, the player must ensure safety for the infiltration forces and the helicopter. The player's squadron will encounter gunboats (which spawns at a dock beside the castle), tanks and, after some time, Belkan fighter jets (composed of Su-47 Berkuts and YF-23 Black Widow IIs).

Once the infiltration team made contact with Harling and successfully freed him, the player will be tasked to take out a wall blocking the team's escape. Once it is completed, continue escorting the helicopter until it escapes the castle area to complete the mission.

Enemy Lists[]

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S Rank[]

Achieving an S rank on this mission requires earning 14,000 points.[1]


Mission accomplished. President Harling was safely retrieved. The President is showing some signs of fatigue, but in general his condition is good.


  • Early in Ace Combat 5's plot, it is stated that the Waldreich Mountains area was left highly contaminated after the 1995 nuclear explosions. However, the subject is never brought up by the main characters or their allies.
  • A renowned glitch in this mission causes enemy aircraft to continue attacking the player at the end of the mission past the "Mission Accomplished" message. As the game stops tracking them at this point, caution is essential to avoid being shot down.