"The fighters that shot down the bombers, are passing over us now. The Erusian [sic] officer in charge of censoring broadcasts has evacuated as well. Now we can shout, 'Victory is ours!' Andre Wolske, reporting for community broadcast."
― Andre Wolske[1]

Andre Wolske was a radio broadcaster at the National Broadcast Building in the city of San Salvacion during the Continental War.


Andre Wolske's name could be transcribed in Japanese as アンドレ・ヴォルスケ. However, the Japanese subtitles show the broadcaster's name as アンドレイ・ペチェルスキィ, which is more accurately translated as Andrei Pechersky.[2]


On July 10, 2005, at exactly midnight local time, the Independent State Allied Forces besieged the occupied capital to liberate it from Erusean control. Wolske was working in the broadcast building at the time, and proceeded to report on the invasion from his location in the New City district. He questioned if the "ribbon fighter" was among the ISAF aircraft. He was limited by occasional eavesdropping on military channels and the view from the building, and his broadcasts were consistently censored by an Erusean officer at the building whose task was to censor anti-Erusean broadcasts.[1]

As the ISAF offensive gained momentum and the Eruseans were forced out of the city, a squadron of Tu-160 Blackjacks was eventually summoned to raze the city. Wolske either saw the bombers or heard about their appearance over the radio. By the time they were all shot down, the Eruseans had ordered a full retreat. The officer in charge of censorship retreated as well, giving Wolske full command over the civilian airwaves. He proceeded to declare a victory as he signed off.[1]