Anfang is a town located on Belka's northeast coastline, southwest of the capital, Dinsmark, and southeast of Crescens Island. In late June 1995, the quiet coastal town became the site of the final battle of the Belkan War.


Anfang consists of clusters of suburban sprawl that hug the coastline; the towns support docking facilities and are linked by highways and tunnels. The terrain just inland of the towns is rugged and heavily forested.

A popular destination for vacationers, Anfang is known for producing a large variety of agricultural commodities, including grapes, olives, and wheat. Anfang is also known for having a rich history dating back to the Belka's feudalistic age.[2]

Anfang Panorama

A panoramic view of Anfang's cities and highways extending along the coastline


In June 1995, battalions of the Belkan Army who refused to accept Belka's capitulation began amassing at Anfang. However, the imminent signing of the peace accords in Lumen required the Allied Forces to covertly deploy mercenaries to eliminate the resistance. On June 20, three mercenary strike teams—"Mars", "Mercury", and "Jupiter"—attacked the Belkan forces in Anfang and quashed the resistance. The peace ceremony ultimately took place without incident.[1]



  • "Anfang" is German for "start", "beginning", or "origin".