"This route is Ustio's lifeline. I'll get it back."
Larry Foulke

"Annex" is the second campaign mission in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War. The player must clear out the enemy ground troops stationed in the area.


We must regain control over Route 171, which runs through Arlon, to secure a transit route for our ground troops. There are bridges over this route, three over the Aare River, all heavily guarded by the Belkan Armored Corps. Securing this route is critical to Ustio's attack on the Belkan Forces. Destroy the Belkan ground units blocking passage along this route and secure this supply line between our forces and the Osean Army.


This is an air-to-ground attack mission; the player must destroy all of the Belkan vehicles blocking the highway. There are three bridges, each progressively more difficult. There are also a few bandits in the air as well as many optional targets along the route.

The mission is completed once all TGTs are destroyed.

Enemy Lists[]

The following enemy lists are taken from the Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War Perfect Guide Book.[1]

Standard Units[]

Unit Points Count Difficulty Other Notes
Icon-AirEnemy F-4E 180 3
Icon-AirEnemy MiG-21bis 170 2
Icon-AirEnemy MiG-21bis 170 1 Hard (or below)
220 1
280 2 Expert/Ace
Icon-GroundTGT TANK 150 11
Icon-GroundTGT APC 100 3
Icon-GroundTGT SAM 120 4 [note 1]
Icon-GroundEnemy AA GUN 100 6
Icon-GroundEnemy SAM 120 4 [note 1]
Icon-GroundEnemy SAM 120 3 [note 2]
Icon-GroundNeutral TENT S 150 2
Icon-GroundNeutral TENT M 200 6
Icon-GroundNeutral WINDMILL 100 5
Icon-GroundNeutral HOUSE 200 2
Icon-GroundNeutral VEHICLE 200 2

Special Units[]

AR # Unit Points Campaign
Ace Style Notes
Icon-AirEnemy 005 MiG-21bis "Glueck" 780 Normal[2] Mercenary
Icon-AirEnemy 006 F-1 "Kritiker" 880 Normal[2] Soldier
Icon-AirEnemy 007 A-10A "Storch" 950 Normal[2] Knight
Icon-AirEnemy 008 Mir-2000D "Wuerfel" 1000 Normal[2] [note 3]
Icon-AirEnemy 009 F-15E "Harpune" 1400 Ace

S Rank[]

Earning an S rank on this mission requires earning 4,000 points.[1] Without the aces or neutral targets, the player must destroy a mix of the air and ground enemies to earn 4,000 points.


The mission was a success. Passage along Route 171 has been secured. Thanks to you, Ustio will now be able to launch a counter-attack.


  1. 1.0 1.1 These SAMs do not fire on the player on Very Easy and Easy difficulty.
  2. These SAMs only spawn after the player passes the compound between the north and center bridge.
  3. Shooting down "Wuerfel" unlocks the Mirage 2000D's Special color.