"Looks like Garuda made quick work of those enemy forces. Now it's our turn."
― Anthony Doyle[1]

Anthony Doyle is an Emmerian soldier and the leader of the Republic of Emmeria Army's Quox Armored Battalion.[2]

Under his command, Quox Battalion would become renown for their slightly reckless, yet heroic actions during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.[2]


As a result of the rapid advances made by the Estovakian military during the onset of the war, Quox Battalion suffered heavy losses as they retreated west. Under the command of Doyle, the battalion was able to reach Khesed Island, despite the Estovakian Navy controlling the sea.[2]

Although the battalion was now considered a relatively small unit, Doyle's leadership led to them performing admirably during the operations in Sipli Field and Mount Marcello.[3][4] Following the Battle of Khesed Island,[5] Quox Battalion would participate in numerous operations across Anea as they pushed every closer to Gracemeria, successfully traversing the Selumna Peaks and aiding in various subsequent engagements.[6][7]

On March 31, 2016, the Emmerian Military launched Operation Free Gracemeria.[8] Quox Battalion, under the command of Doyle, once again performed admirably in conducting landing operations.[2]


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